HAPPY NEWYEAR everyone! It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been actively publishing articles on the blog, but I’m getting back on track again as of now. The reason that I’ve been absent lately is that my mother in law had a nasty fall a week before Christmas with which she broke two vertebra in her neck and needed surgery and all that. So it’s been quite a few hectic weeks so far, since we’ve all had a good scare and a needed to do a lot of hospital visits. She’s back ‘home’ now and the surgery was successful thankfully – she’s living with us for the next weeks – and Milan is over at my parents today so I finally had some time to write an article again.

It probably will be a bit more silent over here for a couple of weeks in comparison to what I normally publish on a daily/weekly base, since I need to pick up more household chores with another person living here and all that. But I’m glad I found a bit of time and finding myself in a better mental space to write new articles again, starting with today’s WWW Wednesday article!

WWW Wednesday is a weekly book meme article I love to write. In this article, I’ll tell you about what book(s) I last finished reading, What book(s) I’m currently reading and What I’m planning to read next. I also love to hear what all of your WWW’s are so feel free to leave a reply! Happy Reading!

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The last book I finished reading was Only the Negatives by Elly Thorpe, the 3rd book in the Only You series. It’s contemporary romance and it was my first read by this author. The books in this series are interconnected so can basically read them as a stand alone. But after reading this one and loving it so much, I’m definitely determined to read book 1,2 and 2.5 as well! Some of the minor characters in this book were really interesting and I can’t wait to read more about them!

An extended review of this book will follow soon!


currently reading

I’m currently reading a Historical Romance arc I recently received by St. Martins press; Highland Crown by May McGoldrick, which is the first book in the Royal Highlander series. I was in the mood for some Scottish romance and couldn’t pass up on this arc opportunity so I’m very thankful the publisher sent it to me. I’m only a few chapters in – I started reading yesterday evening – so there isn’t That much to say about it yet, but the writing so far is really good I think! Can’t wait to see how this story continues.

I also started reading Until you’re mine by Cindi Madsen just now. I received and read the arc of the second book, Until we’re more, some months ago and I fell in love so hard with that one. The books are interconnected so you can basically read them as a stand alone but I really needed to buy and read the first book as well because I’m so curious to read the story of these particular characters. I received my copy a couple of days ago. And since I’m reading an arc on the kindle, I decided to pick up a printed romance book as well as an in-between-read and this just looked like it’d be a good one to go with. To be continued…

> You can read my review on Until we’re more here <

a Reaper at the Gates by Sabaa Tahir is one I started reading in December but because of all the things happening, I could focus less and less on this book – it kind of disappointed me so far anyway – and so I haven’t finished reading it yet. Hopefully I’ll finish it this month because I have a falling that if I won’t pick it up anytime soon, I probably won’t pick it up again at all, yikes. I’m really bummed out that the first two books were so frigging EPIC and this one so far has such a ‘mellow’ feel to it in comparison to the first two. But… I still have like 25% to go, so who knows what’ll happen!

read next

Normally I don’t hold myself all too well on prior made TBR stacks. But for January I decided to create one anyway since I wanted to fill in my new planner by Little Inkling Designs which has a TBR page in it – and it’s just a shame to not use it right? lol. I’ll probably end up reading a lot of other books but ah well.. At least I’m trying, lol.

This year, I’m planning to buddy-read at least a book per month with some friends of mine, Candyce and Isa from the Bookdutchesses so that’s already 1 book I could add to my tbr list haha. There were also a couple of review books I still needed to read, a Beat the Backlist book I want to read – which I could combine with the buddy read this month, so yay! – and some other books that are on my radar.

So in the end, I came up with quite a list haha! So one of the following books is what I’m planning to read up next;

  • Ice like Fire by Sara Raasch (Snow like Ashes #2) – Buddy Read & Beat the Backlist book
  • the Valiant by Lesley Livingston (the Valiant #1) – REREAD
  • a Promise of Fire by Amanda Bouchet (the Kingmaker Chronicles #1) – REREAD
  • How to date a Douchebag; the failing Hours by Sara Ney (How to date a Douchebag #2)
  • Blood Heart by Lexi C. Foss (Immortal Curse #3)

So that’s my WWW Wednesday for this week! I’m really excited to hear about the books you’ve just finished reading, currently reading and planning on reading next. Love to hear from you. Have a nice Wednesday lovelies!


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