Last week hasn’t been the best reading week for me. I was able to read quite a lot for the past weeks, but my current reads haven’t been going that well unfortunately due to personal things. But… there’s still more than enough to talk about in today’s WWW.

WWW Wednesday is a weekly book meme article I love to write. In this article, I’ll tell you about what book(s) I last finished reading, What book(s) I’m currently reading and What I’m planning to read next. I also love to hear what all of your WWW’s are so feel free to leave a reply! Happy Reading!

The last books I finished reading were ‘The Broken Ones by Danielle l. Jensen’ & ‘Hidden Huntress by Danielle l. Jensen’, the prequel book and #2 in the Malediction trilogy. I recently fell in love with this author’s writing when I picked up the first book in this series, Stolen Songbird. I then also read her newest release, Dark Shores, and started reading the rest of the Malediction books afterwards. This author has made her way up to my favorites list in a really short amount of time. Her writing is so good! I really love the worlds she’s created so far. Her characters are all so interesting and there’s always a good amount of political intrigues present as well as some romance and action. I definitely recommend reading all of her books!

I also finished reading Scarlet Mark by Lexi C. Foss. This is a dark romance book and its set in the same world as the Mershano Empire books. I am in love with everything this author writes and this book was no exception. It was my first book by Lexi that was a bit darker and I really liked it. Can’t wait to read more dark romance by her! I loved reading about these sometimes morally gray (or sometimes just plan right bad hehe) characters. It was super fast paced, enthralling and addictive. I’d definitely recommend reading this one if you’re looking for something darker and that guarantees it’s well written. I don’t think Lexi could ever let me down. Her writing is just so good!

I’m currently reading Warrior Witch by Danielle l. Jensen, the third book in the Malediction trilogy. The ending of book 2 was so frigging intense and I am so stoked to find out how the story continues. It’s exciting as well to find out how Danielle writes a final installment, so the expectations are set high for this one haha. So far, I’m really liking it. Danielle’s writing is 100% my thing so I don’t think she can really do much wrong with me, lol.

I am also about to start reading Senlin Ascends by Josiah Bancroft, the first book in the Books of Babel series. This one, I’m buddy reading with my friend Isabelle. She happened to have the book on her shelves as well as I found out when I received my copy of the book very recently. So we then decided that it would be a great idea to buddy read it. We’ve made a planning to read like 4 chapters per day so when all goes well, I’m finished with the book when I’m back with my next WWW article, next week.

Where to start? There’s so much waiting to be read haha. Aside from the TBR on my shelves, I also received quite a few e-arcs lately that I’m super stoked about reading! It’s going to be hard to choose which one to start with first. I do have some blog tours planned, so those will probably get precedence, but we’ll see. Let’s start with the physical books from my shelves, that I hope to read this month:

  • Aurora Rising by Jay Kristoff & Amie Kaufman, the first book in the Aurora Rising series
    The plan is to do a group read of this one with some online book buddies. I really hope they all have their copies of the book soon, so we can start reading it this month still.

And then there are some ARC’s I’m really excited about as well:

  • A Pizza my Heart by Teagan Hunter
    I’ve had the privilege of reviewing Teagan’s books for a while now and I’ve really loved every single one of her romcom books. This one is promised to be yet another hit, so I can’t wait to find out for myself if I feel this way about the story as well.
  • Caulk Tease by Megan Green & Alexandra Bishop
    I am familiar with Megan’s work and I’ve loved everything she’s written so far. I always love getting aquatinted with new authors as well, so when I got the opportunity to read an arc of Megan’s upcoming release, that she’s cowritten with Alexandra, I was over the moon happy about it. So excited!
  • Highland Jewel by May McGoldrick, the second book in the Royal Highlander series
    I’ve had the pleasure of reading an arc of the first book in the series, Highland Crown – you can read my review HERE – so when I got the opportunity to read and review this second book in the series I jumped up and down from happiness. So this is definitely one I’m aiming for to finishing this month.
  • Summer’s End by Kristy Brown, the first book in a YA paranormal romance series
    The author asked if I was willing to read and review the book and I couldn’t resist because the synopsis has me so excited! I am so curious to find out what I’ll think of this one. I love this genre so so much so that’s a good sign, as well as the really great reviews I already came across. So you’ll be finding a review on this one soon as well!

So that’s my WWW Wednesday for this week! I’m really excited to hear about the books you’ve just finished reading, the ones you’re currently reading and planning on reading next.

Love to hear from you. Have a nice Wednesday lovelies!



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