[TAG TIME THURSDAY] the Books under the Tree tag

Candyce from the Bookdutchesses tagged me to do this Christmas tag and I know that I already posted a Christmas tag this morning but this one was too much fun to not also post as well haha. And since it’s the last Thursday before Christmas, there was no other option; I had to publish both […]

[TAG TIME THURSDAY] The Jingle Bells Book Tag

the lovely Alyssa from Reading, reading, reading tagged me to do this awesome Jingle Bell Book tag! Thank you for tagging me! I’m looking forward to sharing this tag with you, since it was fun writing it. In this tag I’ll be talking about what book(s) I want to receive under the Christmas tree, favorite […]


And yet again, this tag was found over at the Bookdutchesses blog. I think I’m going to have to mention them every single Time, seeing most of the tags I did so far were originated from their blog hahaha! But seriously; how could I not do this tag? It’s a tag in which I get to […]

[TAG TIME THURSDAY] End of the Year Book Tag

I came across this tag over at Melanie’s from Mel to the Any and thought this would be a fun tag to do myself so here we go! Definitely go check out Mel’s article and blog as well, it’s great to visit! She’s such a great blogger and kind person! In this tag I’ll talk […]

[TAG TIME THURSDAY] Throne of Glass Book Tag

When this article is being published, I’m probably still neck deep inside my Kingdom of Ash read since the book has been released two days ago EDIT: I finished the book already yesterday evening! I came across this tag (and created the header images then as well) back when I was still blogging on melissasbookworld.com […]