[UNBOXING] Flick the Wick December 2018: the Scholar Rebellion

I’m always looking forward to do another Flick the Wick unboxing. I was very (un)patiently waiting to receive my December box, the Scholar Rebellion. This box is inspired by the an Ember in the Ashes books by Sabaa Tahir.

I’ve been obsessed with these books for years now. Unfortunately book 3, that I started reading back in December, was kind of a let down to me so far – still need to finish it but I was like 75% in or something.

But the first two books blew my frigging mind, and therefore these characters and this world, own my heart forever. So receiving items inspired by this fandom was something I was really excited about.

This time around, I didn’t spoil myself beforehand haha so the unboxing was a surprise to me as well now. Here we go!

As always, there’s a unique box design that matches the ‘theme’ of the month. I love the coloring of the box with the flames on the lid. It looks absolutely stunning! And, as always, there’s a quote to be found on the bottom as well that’s originated from one of the books. On this box there’s a Sabaa Tahir quote saying…

Looks lovely, right? I think so anyway haha. I’m definitely going to keep this box and put it somewhere on my shelves – when I get around to find the time to rearrange my shelves, lol. 


Maybe I’ve been pampered too much? But when I came across the spoiler ‘card’ I was a bit disappointed, yikes. Ok, I hear you thinking; ‘it’s just a spoiler card…’ But normally it’s not Just a spoiler card that I receive in a FtW box because there’s always a really beautiful and sturdy card inside that has some artwork or quote art on the back.

But this time it looks like it was printed at home and it has no art on the back so that’s just not something I’m used to when it comes to Flick the Wick. So yeah, that’s something I just noticed and thought was a bit of a shame.


The first item I pull out of the box is this ceramic mug. I love mugs so I happily welcomed this one to the collection! I love the quote and design that’s on it! This one will definitely be used a lot in the future, but for the time being I’m going to showcase it on my shelf I think. This was designed by @eviebookish


Alongside the spoiler card, this was another thing I was a bit disappointed about. Not for the fact that there are socks inside. To be honest, I don’t particularly care much about socks in boxes; they come in handy so there’s that. I don’t fault them for being inside the box because I know lots of readers looove to receive socks. And I always use them too so…

But what bothered me a bit was the fact that it looks like they’ve added their own stickers over the sticker that was on the original package. It comes across a bit unprofessional I think and this is definitely not something I’m accustomed to when it comes to Flick the Wick. It doesn’t say on the spoiler card where the socks come from either, so I don’t really know what to think of this item. It’s something I’ll be using, but not an item I’m overly crazy about either, you know?


There’s no denying that the design of the pocket mirror is just stunning! I love these kind of designs a lot! I’m not one though, to use pocket mirrors. I switch bags a lot and then always forget to switch items I don’t use a lot, like pocket mirrors haha, and then I end up losing them one way or another, oops.

But even if I won’t use the item as a pocket mirror persé, I can still ‘use’ it. I’m going to showcase it on my shelf and put it upright against one of the books so I can look at it. This was designed by @dreamyandco


If you’ve come across other Flick the Wick unboxings by me before, you know how much I love these sturdy bookmarks. They are always double sided with different designs and quotes on each side, so that’s just awesome. And the sturdiness is something I love about these bookmarks as well and are what make them quite unique. I haven’t come across other bookmarks of this quality before and I love that Flick the Wick almost always puts one inside their box. This was designed by @dreamyandco.

The quotes are ones I love so so much: “You are an Ember in the Ashes. You will spark, and burn. Ravage & destroy. You cannot change it. You cannot stop it.” & “Hope is stronger than fear. It is stronger than hate.” 


If you know me by know, you know I love art prints. And flick the Wick always adds art prints to their boxes and they are always of such good quality too. That’s the case with this one as well.

There’s a stunning character art work to be found on one side and a really beautiful quote art work on the other. The character art work was created by one of my favorite artists @gabriella,bujdoso and I am over the moon happy with how this one turned out. These precious characters all look a-ma-zing! And the quote art was created by @dreamyandco


Collecting pins has become a new favorite hobby of mine, lol. Receiving one with such a stunning design makes me so so happy! I’m really glad I get to add this one to my pin collection. I love the phrase that’s being used; ‘Always Victorious’ and the use of swords and the shield and the coloring just looks awesome I think! This was designed by @dreamyandco

CANDLES – smaller ones

As always, there are 3 smaller candles to be found inside the boxes. And to me, Flick the Wick candles are one of the best smelling candles out there – that I’ve come across myself so far. I also always love the sticker designs of them. It’s for the candles alone that I want the boxes haha. They never disappoint when it comes to their candles. The three smaller candles inside the box, inspired by the an ember in the ashes books are:

  • Blood Shrike, which smells like Woodsy Notes, Musk, Jasmin and Rose
  • Ten Hells, which smells like Black Currant, Amber, Patchouli and Vanilla
  • Laia of Serra, which smells like White Musk, Cedarwood, Citrus and Florals

CANDLE – large one

I love love love the fact that they chose to do the large candle of Elias. He’s definitely my fave character in the series! I’m kind of obsessed with him really haha. The Elias, Ilyaas an Saif candle smells like Moss, Musk, Vanilla and Citrus.

And I think the sticker design is so incredibly stunning with the smoke on the left, the burning embers in the bottom and the mask on the right side of the sticker. I am obsessed with this one.


So far, Flick the Wick has Always bested themselves with each new box I think. But this box wasn’t As good as the ones I previously received in my opinion, so that’s something I have to be honest about here. There are definitely items in this box that are as perfect as ever and of amazing quality, but the socks thing and the spoiler card were a bit of a turn off for me as well. Those didn’t really reach the quality standards I’m normally used to.

I know the people behind these boxes put their Everything in working on these boxes and trying to give us a lot of awesomeness, so this definitely doesn’t mean I think badly of them in any way! I’m already looking forward to receive next month’s box for example! 

And that said… I definitely did love a lot of things about this box, most of it actually! There are, aside from the 3 smaller candles and the large one, 6 items to be found in the box which is an awesome amount of items!

The candles are, as always, amazing! The double sided bookmark is so stunning yet again and of such good quality. As I’ve said before, the bookmarks by Flick the Wick are one of the best I’ve ever come across. I’m in looove with the enamel pin and mugs are Always good to receive in my opinion! I love mugs! And even though I don’t use the pocket mirrors a lot, I love the design on it and it’ll definitely look good on my shelf if I showcase it there.

I’m already excited about next months box: City of Weep. I haven’t read the Strange the Dreamer books yet – shame on me! – but I’m just so excited to receive some Laini Taylor merchandise since I hardly have any to this date and I’m obsessed with this author. I hope to read Strange the Dreamer in February so I at least now Something about the characters and such but we’ll see hihi.

Thanks for watching and reading!




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