[UNBOXING] Faecrate Queen of Air and Darkness Hangover recovery Kit

YES! Finally, my Queen of Air and Darkness Hangover recovery Kit by Faecrate came in. I’m so excited to share my unboxing with you guys!

I’ve bought another hangover recovery kit box in 2018 already, the Kingdom of Ash one, which was so frigging fabulous. So of course I HAD TO get my hands on this box inspired by the Dark Artifices series by Cassandra Clare since Clare is one of my all time favorites and I love buying Shadowhunter merchandise.

The foremost reason for buying this box was because there’d be a Will plushie inside this box. I love my Rowan plushie and when it was announced there’d be a Will in this one, I just NEEDED it in my life. Will is my Everything when it comes to book boyfriends, alongside Rowan, so having both of them now is something I’m so happy about!

Well, without further ado, let’s get on to the unboxing part, shall we?

Normally, I like to keep boxes that have such beautiful designs on them. Unfortunately, customs and postage offices put a lot of stickers on the box – on top and on the sides. I couldn’t get the stickers off without tearing stuff apart, so I couldn’t take pics of the stunning design on top of this box. 

So I then decided to cut out the pieces of the box that were still intact haha! I really like how this looks now and It’ll look great on my shelves when I put it there, I’m sure. Now… Let me show you guys which items were inside, because that’s what you’re probably curious about, right ;)?


Just as with the KoA box, the spoiler card has some a-ma-zing art work on its front. In this case, artwork of some of the beloved The Infernal Devices characters. I am so in love with this!!! The amazingly talented @Riotssomething created this art.


And there’s also this amazing New York institute art print to be found that has our beloved TMI character set on it, including Alec and Magnus’ children!!! Just amazing! This was yet again done by @Riotssomething.


And last but not least, there’s an art print of the Los Angeles institute, with our beloved characters from the Dark Artifices! The artwork of this one in particular had me almost crying. It’s so perfect! Look at Ty and Livvy, just omfg!!! And Mark/Christina/Kieran?! #DeathByFeels. Artwork is yet again by @Riotssomething 

I think the artist did an a-ma-zing job on portraying all of the characters in her artwork. They all look magnificent. I am so happy with these three art prints! And did you notice how Church is in all of them?! I love that little detail! Of course, in the NY artwork it could also be Chairman Meow who’s represented, but by the looks of it, it’s Church. I love how this Persian arrogant cat is present at one point or another during all of the series we’ve been able to read so far.


Whoever was behind the idea of adding plushies to the faecrate boxes; You are a frigging genius! And I’m so happy I have my two most beloved book boyfriends in plushie form, to cuddle with; Rowan, whom I got in the KoA box back in 2018, and now Will Herondale as well. Could I BE any more excited? Nope hehe.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I adore this character. My love for this fictional character is beyond anything I could put into words. So yeah… This item was worth all of the money spent on this entire box, in my opinion. I normally don’t post pics of myself a lot, but I just had to cuddle Will and take a pic. MY PRECIOUS! Just look at that little smug face of his, ugh… perfection.

Will is handmade and therefore unique and was created by @Faecrate


Well, there’s no denying the fact that I love this design! I love the silhouettes and the quotes and all the other additions you can find on this design; the steles, the Parabatai runes and the swords being held by their hands and the Angel wings. This was designed by @Drawnielle 

Unfortunately though, it isn’t a design that really matches my home interior and therefore, pillowcases like these are always being stored instead of used over here. I do intend to use them in the future, when we move into a bigger home and I’ll have my own library hopefully haha. Then, I’m going to showcase all my stunning pillow cases, wall tapestries and more that I’ve received over time.


This was one of the items Faecrate announced beforehand and I was really excited about receiving it. USB drives always come in handy I think – especially since I need to get back to my study soon and I’m always in shortage of usb drives, lol. I can never find one when I need it and this is definitely one I won’t lose since I’ll put it somewhere close. Really like this design. If you take a close look – you can enlarge the pictures by clicking on them – you see small details like runes etched into it, so cute! Designed by @Icandrawthingz


I have to say in all honesty that when Faecrate announced this item and by looking upon the first pictures of it, I didn’t think this would be something I’d be enthusiastic about. But I stand corrected though. I’m not one for colorchanging lights for example. But when I received the item and when I was done putting it together, I fell in love with how it looked. I think the Angelic rune looks so stunning like this, by using the white lighting!

I don’t think I’ll ever use the other colors but that’s okay. I’m so happy with how this looks just with the white lighting and I really didn’t expect to love it as much as I do so that’s a really great turn of events haha. This was designed by @Faecrate


I was so excited about receiving this item! I already knew it was going to be inside this box, since Faecrate showed it to us on their Instagram account. The quote they chose to use on this umbrella is so perfect! I also love the design in general; the coloring that’s being used with all the blue hues and the added lightning and the Angelic rune. Just stunning I think!

I love how small the umbrella is when it’s folded, because I think it’ll fit in any of my bags so that’s great! I am afraid though that when it’s being folded and unfolded a couple of times, it’ll easily break – which is something that has happened to me a lot with these type of umbrella’s. But that’s out of my hands and it’s speculating, so maybe it won’t happen, which I’m hoping for of course haha.

I’m going to walk in style now when it’s raining, whoop whoop!
This was designed by @Blanca.Design


I really like this item! It’s a fun, smaller item that’s a great addition to the collection of already unpacked items in this box – there’s still a couple of more awesome items I’m going to show you after this. It’s something you can showcase on your shelves or wall or you can pin it to a board for example.

I love the black and white design, with the academy logo and the ‘Sed lex Dura lex’ quote on it! This was made by Verge of Wisteria


I’ve recently became obsessed with bookish stickers since I love using them to decorate my planners. Receiving these three made me really happy!

The first one you see is one that has an acorn on it with the quote ‘Remember your Promises’. It gives me all the Kieran, Mark and Christina feels! The second one is a rune Blade with the quote ‘Show them you aren’t afraid’ which give me all the Jemma feels. And then there’s the third, which is a print of Church with the quote ‘Please take care of my cat’ which gives me all the Jem feels!

I’m really happy with these three stickers! I like the designs and quotes and they’ll definitely be used sometime soon. I’ll probably put them in my bookish planner or maybe I’ll put them in my Shadowhunter notebook – I’m still thinking about it, so we’ll see. These were designed by @Icandrawthingz


This is definitely one of my favorite items in the box; A Leather Clutch Bag with a stunning design on it. It showcases items/designs related to different parts of the shadowhunter world and the stories we’ve read about.

Downworld is represented with the scratch marks, an acorn, magic – I believe – and Vampire teeth. They all represent the different Downworld casts like the faeries, werewolves, vampires and warlocks.

I also see some other story/shadowhunter related things like a stele, the Angelic rune, a cat, Angel wings, a Rune blade and a Duck <- #AllTheHerondaleFeels! I love it! The quality of this item is really good too. It’s designed by @Icandrawthingz


This bookmark is designed by Verge of Wisteria. I really like this and I’m definitely going to use it in my future TMI re-reads! There’s so much detail to be found on it – click on the pictures to enlarge and get a closer look!


And the last merchandise item in this box is a stunning 4oz candle, made by Say Anything Studio, formerly known as Whiskey Diamond co.

I really like the details of everything; the sticker design on the lid and on the tin can itself with the quote on it, as well as the beautiful white of the candle itself with the added flower elements in the candle itself. It smells delicious. It’s a really subtle smell.

The ‘scents’ they put into it are Strong Winds, Living Clouds and Battle Cries <- awesome!


And last, but definitely not least there’s the book itself, which is a first hardcover edition including the dust jacket that has that stunning artwork on it. I already own a hardcover copy of this book with the art work on it, so I’ll probably be giving it away to a friend of mine or something like that 🙂

The thing I’m most excited about though, next to receiving the Will plushie, is that there’s a signed bookplate inside the box as well! I’ve wanted to meet Cassandra Clare ever since I got aquatinted with her shadowhunter world. This author’s work has come to mean so much to me over the years and meeting her would be a dream coming true. I really hope I’ll be able to meet her some day.

Receiving this bookplate is the best next thing though. I own a couple of books that have a stamped signature inside the book for example, which is really awesome as well. But knowing Cassandra herself touched this plate and signed it, makes it just a bit more special to me. I am so over the moon happy with this and I’m forever grateful to Faecrate for adding this in the box


This was my second Faecrate hangover recovery kit that I bought and I am so happy with it. The Will Herondale plushie alone made it worth buying this box I think and the bookplate as well. But in the end, there’s no denying it; I really love all of the items they put in this box.

From the larger ones like the rune light and the pillowcase to the smaller ones like the stickers and the stele and bookmark. I am so happy with all of these items and I really think this box was worth the money I spent on it. Looking at what I paid for this box, without the shipping costs, I think it’s insane to see how much they were able to put into it – a lot of items and a huge hardcover book! And with most of the items being of really good quality too.

I wish I had more money to spent because I want to buy all of their boxes now haha! I have to be selective though, but I’ll definitely be buying another hangover recovery kit box by this shop in the future. I highly recommend buying from them if you love receiving a lot of awesome merchandise inspired by favorite authors/book series.

But this shop also sells monthly book boxes in which you’ll receive a newly released book and items inspired by different fandoms, which is really cool as well! I prefer buying boxes like these though, in which I’ll receive only items inspired by books/characters I came to love so much, but each their own right?!

What book box company do you love buying from IF you buy them?
Love to hear from you!




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