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Top Ten Tuesday is all about books – sometimes non bookish things – and a top 10 list. It was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

How it works:

That Artsy Reader Girl assigns each Tuesday a topic and then I have to post my top ten(or 2, 5, 20, etc.) list that fits that topic. This week’s topic is: 

This weeks Topic had me so excited! It was a lot of fun putting together this article. I went in search of Titles that I think would fit. 

First I had to think about how to interpret this week’s task because I wasn’t sure what they meant by BAND NAMES. Do they mean music bands like rock bands? Or do they mean band in a way that you come across in certain books? (Like mercenaries whom form a group/band and go on a killing spree, killing all kinds of creepy creatures like they do in Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames for example).

I guess it’s up to us to choose what to do with it and I chose to keep it more book-related (although I like the sound of these Titles being actual rock band names)  and I decided to do something different….

So, let me introduce you to these 10 notorious bands
and lets hope you won’t ever cross their paths 😉 

Kings of the Wyld


Originally this band was called ‘SAGA’ but I think KINGS OF THE WYLD  fits them way better. Because they are; kings of the wyld. This group of mercenary misfits always know how to outsmart, outrun and outfight their enemies. No task is too small, no risk is too great. They’ll get the deal done. Everyone in the Wyld knows who they are and even the most foul creatures scutter away back into their little dark dens when they hear the Kings coming…

REBEL is band that’s quite eccentric. ‘not giving a shit’ and ‘follow your own path’ are some of the band’s slogans and I think that suits a mercenary band pretty well. It’s not recommended to make any deals with this particular band though, because as their band name says; they’re rebels and you can’t be sure they’ll honor any made agreements. Be aware…

Broken Honor

The Smoke Thieves

BROKEN HONOR gives me a bit of a depressive vibe, but what can I say; I just really like the sound of it haha. This band goes around, killing all kinds of creatures, for the highest bidder. The name instills fear in everyone who mentions it and hears it because the band members are known for having no honor and to kill you, when they’re in a mood, for even just looking at them wrong.  

THE SMOKE THIEVES is a band well known for their thievery. Can you imagine a villanious character, looking to hire a group of people – the best ones – who’d be able to steal that One thing that can’t be stolen, or so they say, but that he of course MUST obtain because he needs it for his devious plans to conquer the world? The Smoke Thieves is THE band you hire then, because they are able to pull of the impossible. 


Reign of Shadows

ROSEBLOOD is a band made out of strong willed women only and I desperately wanted you to learn about them. In a world where men are known to normally be the bigger, better and baddest fish out in the sea, Roseblood has earned worldwide respect and is easily one of the best mercenary bands out there known as the biggest baddest fish in the sea. Using their wits, and knowing really well what their strengths and weaknesses are, they’ve always been able to outwin any other band out there. You’ll never see them coming and you’ll be left a blubbering mess when they’re done with you. 

And REIGN OF SHADOWS is a band you definitely don’t want to cross paths with either, like ever. Months at a time, they travel through and live in the most foulest and darkest parts the world has to offer. The things they’ve seen and done… It’s unspeakable. They’ve become so accustomed to their dark and savage way of living that they’re more animals than humans nowadays. Only the most villainious people dare to hire Reign of Shadows to do their dirty work. 


The Raven Boys

NEMESIS is a fairly strong sounding title and I love it as a band name. This band doesn’t fool around and means business. If you’re on the wrong side of their line, better prepare yourself. If they’ve marked you as an enemy there’s nowhere you can hide. 

I think THE RAVEN BOYS is quite an intruiging title. Because of the BOYS in the title you may think this band is not impressive and they’re just a bunch of young guys who like playing around and nothing more… And then… You won’t find out until it’s too late that these ‘boys’ are more then meets the eye and that they’re coming for you in a moment when you’ll least expect it and never saw it coming 😉 


Devils & Tieves

How could you not have heard about LEGEND? It’s a super epic band name if you ask me. In every town/village you visit, you must’ve heard the name LEGEND being metioned, because their bards have sung many songs about their adventures, nothing short of being ‘Legend’.

DEVILS & THIEVES sounds so awesomely devious and I wouldn’t want to come across tis particular band. These rogues have no soul (for some band members this is quite literally the case I can tell you) and go above and beyond to finish the task that’s set for them. They don’t cower for anything or anyone, they thieve their way throughout the world and I can truly recommend to not make any deals with these devils. 

What band would you hire to do your dirty work?

Thanks for reading!

With Love, Melissa


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