[TAG TIME THURSDAY] Procastination Book Tag

    The lovely Annemieke @ Dance with Books tagged me for this awesome Tag, originally created by Kate @ Cover to Cover Book Blog. When reading her TAG article I got so excited because I loved reading it and I would definitely love to do it myself. Color me surprised when I saw that she tagged me at the end haha. So yay, here’s my Procastination Book Tag and I hope you enjoy reading it! They’re not all listed as Romance books so I gave it a bit of a twist haha. I love it when there’s text, emails, documents and more that’s being used in books to (help) tell the…


    [TAG TIME THURSDAY] Show and Tell Book Tag

    Tag articles are always so much fun to do. I came across this tag over at Bookbum by Zuky and thought it looked really awesome and decided to do this one myself as well. In this Tag article I’ll be talking about authors that need more spotlight, photogenic covers, what I was reading in High School and more. If you’re curious about what I have to say about it, read on… Authors that need more spotlight Where to begin. There are a lot of authors I’d want to put in the spotlight. On the one hand, I’m truly happy about lots of authors and books that get hyped and on…


    [TAG TIME THURSDAY by Amanda]

    Hi everyone! I asked Melissa if there were any articles I could write for her blog and she pointed out that there are a lot of fun TAG articles out there. I had never heard of these articles before but they really are fun to read and to fill out! So I hope you guys will have fun reading this one and get to know me just a little bit better. 😊 1. Find a book for each of your initials A: Amanda by Kay Hooper. D: Deep Blue ( Waterfire Saga 1 ) by Jennifer Donnelly.   Amanda is actually a book I read years ago and I wanted…


    [TAG TIME THURSDAY] The Netgalley Book Tag

    I came across this fun looking Tag over @ the Elven Warrior and thought it would be one I’d enjoy posting myself so here we go 😉 Auto-Approved: Who’s one author whose books you automatically want to read, regardless of what they’re about? There are many authors I automatically want to read haha! Looking at a couple of authors whose books are put onto Netgalley specifically, that I’ve had the chance to read through Netgalley as well, are: Brigid Kemmerer Gena Showalter May McGoldrick Request: What makes you want to request a book that you see on NetGalley? The combination of cover + synopsis. I go to my favorite genres…


    [TAG TIME THURSDAY] Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

    I can’t remember when and how I came across this tag but I knew I really wanted to answer these questions. I like having other opinions on popular or unpopular books but voicing them can be scary as well. In today’s Tag article I’ll tell you all about an extremely popular book that I didn’t like, a book genre I hardly ever read and many more subjects. A Popular Book or series that you didn’t like A lot of you probably want to strangle me for this but… the Cruel Prince by Holly Black is a book I really didn’t like – understatement. I just don’t have anything nice to…


    [TAG TIME THURSDAY] New Years Resolutions Book Tag 2019

    The New Years Resolutions book tag is a tag in which I’ll address several subjects like which new to me author I want to read, which classic I’d like to read this year and many more. I came across this tag over at Jenniely’s blog and enjoyed reading her article a lot! Reading her tag post had me really excited to write my own, so here we go! An Author You’d Like To Read That You’ve Never Read I have a feeling this tag article is going to be quite fun but also frustrating as well to write down, lol. I always have a lot of issues with choosing ‘just…

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