[BOOK REVIEW] Until I Found You by Brooke O’Brien (Heart’s Compass #3)

The day after I finish reading this book, I sat down to write this review… Well, technically it isn’t the day after because it was way past midnight when I finished it, lol, so it’s basically the same ‘morning’. Because instead of putting the book aside and getting some sleep, – I had to do […]

[COVER REVEAL] Cover Changes -> Heart’s Compass series by Brooke O’Brien <-

I was originally supposed to publish this cover change article a couple of weeks ago, but due to some ‘hiccups’ in my personal life – which I elaborated a bit more on in my latest WWW Wednesday article earlier this week – I wasn’t able to publish this cover change article in time. But I thought […]

[BOOK REVIEW] Lost before You by Brooke O’Brien (Heart’s Compass #2)

O God. o god.. How to describe this book? How to tell you guys exactly how much feelings this book brought out? This friends-to-lovers-romance was extraordinary! I’ll try my best to do this book justice with my review, but bottom line: This friends-to-lovers-romance is one of the best I’ve ever read. It’s emotional, intense and […]