[BOOK REVIEW] Blood Heart by Lexi C. Foss (Immortal Curse #3)

    Book 1 in this series, Blood Laws, is one of the best first paranormal books in a series I’ve ever read. Book 2 was yet again an amazing read and I was so excited to read about Lizzie & Jay. The expectations were HIGH for this one, is what I’m trying to say hihi. And let me tell you: Lexi delivered yet again! I have a feeling this author isn’t able to disappoint me in any way. She has this amazing talent of hitting me right in the feels with her words, every single time <- I’m in awe and happy to add this author to my all-time favorite authors…


    [FRIDAY FIRST] a Promise of Fire by Amanda Bouchet (the Kingmaker Chronicles #1)

    On Friday I always have this bookish meme in which I feature my current read and dive into it a bit more. I came across this article over at Tenacious Reader’s blog and fell in love at the spot, and I’ve loved writing this article so far. | What kind of article is Friday First? | It will feature the first few sentences/paragraph of my current book and my first impressions as well. It’s meant to be a quick and easy way to share a bit about what I am reading, and I would love to hear others join in sharing their current reads as well. The format is really simple. Include a…


    [BOOK REVIEW] Four letter Word by J. Daniels (Dirty Deeds #1)

    Today I’m sharing a review for a book that has been one of my favorite 2018 reads. Four letter word is the first book in the Dirty Deeds series by Jessica Daniels. I got aquatinted with this author’s work through some friends of mine who were so excited about her books. When I started reading her books myself, I understood why they love Jessica’s books so much. Jessica is one of the new to me authors in 2018 who ended up on my all-time favorite list! Seldom have I come across a romance author who reeled me in with her words like Jessica does! Four letter word is definitely one…


    [MONTHLY FAVORITES] 2018 re-cap

    Normally I write down a couple of my favorite reads each month, in this monthly favorites article. Today I’m going to look back to 2018 entirely and write down 1 favorite of each month, so 12 books in total. Curious to see which books ended up on my favorite list this year? Continue reading… In the first 6 months I’ve read more (paranormal) romance books than as I did (YA) fantasy, so you’ll be seeing quite some romance favorites in this list. Aside from romance, the rest of my favorites are all ya fantasy books, which isn’t surprising to me in the least since that’s one of my fave genres…


    [MEET THE AUTHOR MONDAY] RARE19 London – My Unicorn authors list

    I recently published a Bookish Article about the RARE event; in which I’m telling you about the event itself, which authors are attending and more. Originally, I created ‘Meet the author Monday’ to publish author Q&A’s but I thought it would be a fun idea to talk some more about the authors who are attending this event. I can fill in this article however way I want to right ;)? As I wrote down in the Bookish Article, I made 3 different lists, categorizing the authors I want to meet by priority: my UNICORN authors; authors I want to meet for sure and I hope I’ll be able to use…


    [MINI REVIEWS] #7 and #8 of Ghosts of the Shadow Market by Cassandra Clare and others

    A friend of mine, Isa from the Bookdutchesses, was reading the Ghosts from the Shadow Market novella’s and was telling me about how some of the novella’s are linked to the TDA books. So by saying this she basically talked me into reading them as well asap. Originally, I was planning to read them when the entire printed book would be released in 2019. But she had me so excited that I decided to not wait any longer. So when I started reading these novella’s, I was really enthusiastic because of Isa’s enthusiasm and of what she told me about the novella’s already. And of course because of the character…

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