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I had this tag stored away for a while and thought today would be a good day to finish and post it.

In this tag I talk about how many books I read at once, what time of the day I read most and many more subjects that have to do with reading.

I am not sure who created this tag; please let me know if you do so that I can add credit to the post.

Mostly 2 books at a time that I actively read. There were times when I was able to read more, especially if I read ‘just’ a specific amount of chapters/pages per day; that way it was easier to read multiple books.

Seeing I normally read 2 books at a time there’s mostly always 1 printed copy that I read during the day and in the evening and then I switch to a digital read on the Kindle when I go to bed and before I go to sleep. Sometimes I switch it up and read the Kindle one during the day as well, when it’s an addictive read.

Yes, this happens. I normally just randomly pick a bookmark when I start a new book (although I love to use matching bookmarks). But sometimes when I take the book with me when I go to the kitchen to cook or anything I forget to take the bookmark with me and then when I’m in need of one again, I’ll look for another one nearby haha.

They’re most often to be found on the table near the couch seeing I mostly read there. Sometimes, they can be found on the kitchen counter or any other surface really; diner table, you name it haha. Sometimes in the bathroom seeing I love to read while taking a bath as well. 

At the moment I’d say during the evening. Normally, when my son’s at school, I’m mostly always able to read in between doing household chores and walking the dog etc as well. But with him home fulltime now, my husband working from home fulltime, it’s impossible to find some peace and quiet and moments in which I can read, lol. 

Depends. When I’m able to read during the day, in between doing stuff, it’s sometimes 15-30minutes here or there. In the evening a couple of hours but not continiously. It seems impossible now to read without interruptions, lol. 

Yes, I do. I’m too afraid of destroying the dust jacket otherwise haha. 

I mainly sit on the couch in ‘my corner’ with some pillows in my back and one underneath my arm to support me. Blanket partly over my legs on which my dog usually lies down or my cat, to keep me company. 

Yes!! Normally when going out the door, I’ll always have my current read and/or the Kindle in my hand bag, if it fits (thankfully most my bags fit at least my 6 inch e-reader < that’s why I’d never opt to buy a larger one haha. A 10 inch wouldn’t as easily fit into all bags. 

When at home, I take it with me everywhere as well; when taking a bath, when going into the garden, when going to bed & while cooking if it’s doable to read in between. 

I always update it when I start a new book and when I finish one. Sometimes I add ‘reading’ updates but I tend to forget it haha. But I am adamant about being and keeping on track with adding the start/end of a book I’m reading. 

It was fun talking a bit more about my reading habits. Thank you for reading!

How many books do you usually read at once?

With Love, Melissa

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