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Tag articles are always so much fun to do. I came across this tag over at Bookbum by Zuky and thought it looked really awesome and decided to do this one myself as well.

In this Tag article I’ll be talking about authors that need more spotlight, photogenic covers, what I was reading in High School and more. If you’re curious about what I have to say about it, read on…

Authors that need more spotlight

Where to begin. There are a lot of authors I’d want to put in the spotlight. On the one hand, I’m truly happy about lots of authors and books that get hyped and on the other hand I think it’s a shame that because of this, lots of new authors and books aren’t seen enough – and of course it’s also just not possible to keep up with Everything that’s being released each month.

I try to often read new to me authors and books that aren’t That well known yet – even though I often talk about more well known books just as everyone else does. But ok… what author needs the spotlight in my opinion? I’m terrible in picking ‘just 1’ so I’m going to cheat here and talk about several authors. All these authors are Romance authors. I tend to often talk about (YA) Fantasy so decided to focus on te Romance genre with this question.

  • Paris Wynters
    She’s a romance author whom I got aquatinted with some years ago when I was asked if I wanted to review her debut book. This book surprised me so much and is still one of my favorites to this day. It’s not only romance, but the story has a deeper meaning and the PTSD elements are really beautiful and tragic to read about. The romance genre is so huge and it’s difficult for authors to find recognition in this genre because there are just so many books out there. I’m glad that I’m able to help those authors a bit more by sharing my reviews and other promotional articles on my blog site and social media pages. I’ve recently read Paris’ new book, which was a really beautiful read as well – review will follow soon.
  • Lexi C. Foss
    Lexi’s a self pub author I’ve come to love so much over the years. To me, she’s one of the best writing PNR authors out there and still there aren’t nearly enough pnr readers out there who are familiar with her books. When people ask for PNR recommendations I often see the same series being mentioned. I think Lexi deserves this spotlight and I really can’t recommend her books enough. Her writing is truly fantastic and her series are on the top of my favorites list alongside authors like Nalini Singh. 
  • Megan Green 
    Megan is also one of my favorite go to authors when it comes to romance. Her books are always a guaranteed beautiful and often fun reading experience. Her writing is enthralling and addictive and once started, you can’t stop reading anymore! Her books are perfect to pick up anytime! 
  • J. Daniels 
    Jessica’s series are all so tremendously much fun. Hiiiighly recommend these books if you’re looking for fun and fast paced contemporary romance. All her characters are just amazing and the humor is perfect as well as the (sexy) romance development. 
  • Tee O’Fallon
    Tee writes such good romantic suspense. Loved all that she’s written so far, especially her K-9 series. I love those amazing dogs (and their sexy handlers hehe) being present so much! Her writing is truly addictive and she deserves so much more love. If you use the SEARCH bar on the blog and look for Tee O’Fallon, you’ll come across reviews and a fun Q&A article I did with Tee last year. 

Favorite authographed Book

I don’t think I can answer this one without posting an entire gallery, showing my autographed books haha. There have been quite some really awesome books added to the collection that I was able to get autographed, wether in person or by buying online. Some of my most precious autographed books were the ones I obtained when I was able to meet the authors in person though, like: Amanda Bouchet, Mary e. Pearson, Lexi C. Foss, Sarah J. Maas and Jennifer L. Armentrout (and aside from them, there are some more authors whom I’ve had the opportunity to meet but I’ll tell you about them in a Bookish Article one day)

Then there are also authors whom send me autographed books, that I’m so frigging happy with as well. Angel’s Flight by Nalini Singh for example is one of my most precious autographed books.

What I was reading in High School

Some books I remember reading and Loving in High School were:

  • the Harry Potter books.
    I grew up with these books, as probably many of you have as well. I was a teenager when the last books in the series were published and it was such a rush to read them for the first time back then. I remember some specific moments when reading the books and where I was at the time; for example, like in my bedroom reading late at night and the amount of tissues I needed when reading book 6 and how SHOCKED I was when reading that Dumbledore moment towards the end.

  • the Horse Whisperer by Nicholas Evans
    This was one I tended to re-read every once in a while during my teenage years. I was obsessed with this book and the movie. I’ve been a horse girl ever since I was young, so it was bound to be a book that’d stick with me haha. The story is a beautiful novel not only about Grace and her horse, but the family relationships as well, and that I thought was quite an impressive read!

  • Een schitterend Gebrek by Arthur Japin
    It’s a Dutch book and it was recommended to me by my Dutch teacher in High School. I wasn’t expecting to be so enamored with it. To this day it’s still one of my favorite Dutch reads and I have fond memories of it. 

  • Vlucht uit het land van de Vrijheid van Anna Meijerink
    This is a Nonfiction book about someone who was sent to live at the Church of the Promised Land in the US. It tells her story, about what happened to her during her time there and how she eventually was able to flee and that even 12 years after, the people of the Church are still trying to get to her and her kids. This was quite  a touching and thrilling story, especially seeing I was a teenager at the time. It left quite an impression. Alongside this one, I read a lot of those kind of books about women who were born and grew up in such religious cults. 

Photogenic Cover

I think there are so many photogenic covers and it’s really impossible to choose just one haha. I’m definitely a cover buy kind of reader. It makes me so happy to receive a book that has beautiful covers. 


If you want to see more beautiful and photogenic covers, I’d suggest going over to my Instagram Page and take a look on there.

>> Click HERE <<

Books I haven't read yet

I’m not sure what the exact number is of the books on my shelves (and digital shelves) that I haven’t read yet, but I think it easily surpasses the 200 count. So you can imagine that it’s not doable to put a list down here hihi. 

I often re-read my favorite books and I’m therefore not able to go through my unread book as fast as someone who doesn’t (often) re-read books. I also tend to keep buying new books as well and keep accepting arcs I want to read and review for the authors/publishers. This doesn’t help either, as you can imagine haha. 

Maybe I’ll do a count in the nearby future to see how many unread books there still are on my shelves atm. But first I’ll need to do a destash! 

So that was the Bookish show and tell tag. Hope you enjoyed reading my answers. 

What books were you reading in High School?

Love to hear from you. 
Thanks for reading! 

With Love, Melissa


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