[SHOP LOG] March 2020

I always loved the idea of writing SHOP-LOG articles in which I show you guys some non-book related stuff that I buy every now and then. In theory there was more than enough stuff to work with, seeing I not only often buy books but other stuff as well haha. Wether it’s decorarion for in and around our home, phone cases, shoes, clothes, and more. Still, there has only been 1 shop log posted on the blog so far. The blog stop hasn’t helped of course haha. I decided this was an article I really wanted to re-publish again now that I’m back to blogging. 
In today’s Shop Log I have quite some different things to show you and I’m really excited about it. Curious to see what kind of things I bought lately? Read on! 


| Faber Castell Crayons |

I’m sure a lot of you are finding ways to cope with being holed up at home almost fulltime now with the COVID-19 situation. Aside from trying to read, I also really love to do other things to pass time and/or distract myself. I love making puzzles, drawing, bullet journaling and coloring. Recently I had the feeling all of a sudden that I wanted to start coloring again. I bought a beautiful set of PRISMA pencils a couple of years ago which I really love to use. But aside from those, I always like to use another brand on the side as well; Faber Castell. My FC set wasn’t complete anymore and I was in need of a new set by Faber, but not the really expensive one but the one that’s a bit more affordable, lol. I came across this set of 60 colors and decided I need to have it, so I bought it haha. Haven’t used it yet – no surprise there – because I now haven’t been in the right mood set ever since. Typical haha. I really want to invest more in coloring pencils but the really good ones are so frigging expensive so it’ll have to wait a while haha. But for now, I have more than enough to work with now that I got this set of 60 colors as well as a 72 pcs set of the PRISMA pencils. I bought this set for €21,50

| Harry Potter Coloring Book 
Anniversary edition |

My coloring Book wishlist is enormous and so far I haven’t collected nearly as much adult coloring books as I’ve wanted to – in all fairness; I don’t often get around to color a lot so there’s more than enough to color still in the books that I do got < so technically, it isn’t Necessary to buy new coloring books haha. When buying the Faber Castell crayons I decided to buy a new coloring book as well. This HP anniversary edition looked really beautiful so it ended up in my basket. I’m really happy I went with this one. The designs are truly stunning and I’m excited to get started. This anniversary edition has some exclusive content as well like in the back are pages of beautiful colored art work to be found; truly stunning! 

There’s a wonderful variety in different styles of coloring pages as well as a variety in ‘subjects’. There’s drawings of a lot of different characters, magical creatures, places and more! I bought this one for €14,99

| A5 planner with Leopard print by Vormgevoel |

Now that I’m back with the blogging and bookstagramming, I really needed to get myself a planner. I previously used the Little Inkling Designs bookplanner, which I loved using so incredibly much, but they are sold out now so that really sucks. I’m hoping that there’s going to be another batch printed and sold, but I probably won’t be that lucky haha. Hopefully I’ll be able to snag myself a 2020 planner then. But ok, back on track… I did some research and ultimately decided to get the A5 planner by ‘Vormgevoel’. 

What I like about the planner is that I’m able to fill in the dates myself, and that it has a lot of the required pages lay-out that I’m looking for in a (blog) planner; enough room to write down several things per day and in between pages on which I can add to do lists and other things. It’s quite minimalistic and definitely completely different in that regard to the Little Inkling bookish planner, but for now it’ll do I guess haha. It’s a good addition to use on top of using the Calender plugin on WordPress. I think it was also quite nicely priced compared to other similar planners that are out there. I bought this on the site of Vormgevoel >> click HERE << for only €12,95!  (shipping costs aren’t included)

| Phone Cases |

I love switching between phone cases. When it comes to pracital cases, I love using the ones in which I can put my bank card and ID cards. But those cases don’t often come with a fun design and are much thicker – which isn’t always practical when I have the phone in my pants. 

I was looking for a flowery design and was debating on which one exactly for a while now. Eventually I decided to go with this one because I just love the design and the colors. 

I also really like using fandom designs and when coming across this FRIENDS phone case I was immediately sold. It’s such a cool design with many textst/quotes from the beloved series, as well as pictures of a lot of recognizable elements.

| Tea Kettle |

Even though I start my day preferably by drinking coffee, I’m definitely a lover of Tea as well. I tend to mostly always pick the same favorite flavors, but explore new ones every once in a while. I normally use a water heater, but I’ve always wanted to buy a cute looking tea kettle. I came across it recently over on and thought it was time to finally buy me one! I love the black and white dotted design! I bought this one for €24

So that’s a wrap for now haha! These are some items I recently bought and am quite happy with, overall hihi. All of them were bought online because we’re not going to the stores atm unless it’s necessary.

What are your latest bought non-bookish items that you’re really happy about buying? Love to hear from you and thanks for reading!

With Love,                                          


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