[FRIDAY FIRST] a Reaper at the Gates by Sabaa Tahir (#3 an Ember in the Ashes)

    On Friday I always have this bookish meme in which I feature my current read and dive into it a bit more. I came across this article over at Tenacious Reader’s blog and fell in love at the spot, and I’ve loved writing this article so far. | What kind of article is Friday First? | It will feature the first few sentences/paragraph of my current book and my first impressions as well. It’s meant to be a quick and easy way to share a bit about what I am reading, and I would love to hear others join in sharing their current reads as well. The format is really simple. Include a…


    [MINI REVIEWS] #7 and #8 of Ghosts of the Shadow Market by Cassandra Clare and others

    A friend of mine, Isa from the Bookdutchesses, was reading the Ghosts from the Shadow Market novella’s and was telling me about how some of the novella’s are linked to the TDA books. So by saying this she basically talked me into reading them as well asap. Originally, I was planning to read them when the entire printed book would be released in 2019. But she had me so excited that I decided to not wait any longer. So when I started reading these novella’s, I was really enthusiastic because of Isa’s enthusiasm and of what she told me about the novella’s already. And of course because of the character…



    And yet again, this tag was found over at the Bookdutchesses blog. I think I’m going to have to mention them every single Time, seeing most of the tags I did so far were originated from their blog hahaha! But seriously; how could I not do this tag? It’s a tag in which I get to talk about Shadowhunter characters. It’s sometimes terrible that you have to choose between three characters or your favorite love triangle and pick your favorite, and so on, but still… It’s a shadow hunter tag, so how could I not? And just for fun; you have to appoint points to #teamTID, #teamTMI or #teamTDA when answering…


    [BEAT THE BACKLIST 2019] My TBR list, part 2

    Last week, I published an article about the Beat the Backlist challenge, hosted by Novel Knight, in which I announced that I was going to participate in 2019’s challenge. Today I want to share the books I’m going to put on the tbr for this challenge. I decided to split the list in 2 categories; – books that were published in 2018 – and books that were published prior to 2018 This, so that I can tackle some of the older released books as well since I kind of failed at finishing my 2018 beat the backlist challenge and there are still a lot of prior to 2018 released books…


    [UNBOXING] Flick the Wick November 2018: Shadowhunters

    Today’s the day I finally received my Flick the Wick November box. This Flick the Wick box is one of my most anticipated boxes made by them thus far. I am obsessed with everything shadowhunters as some of you might know, so when FtW announced that the November theme was going to be Shadowhunters I couldn’t be More Happy! I’ve already spoiled myself by looking at unboxings of this box on Instagram because I was just too excited haha! And living in the Netherlands often means that I have to wait a bit longer before receiving my box, as was the case with this one. But myyyy god, this box…



    I came across an article over at the Bibliophagist called the ABC book challenge. In this article she mentions her 5-star reads starting with a certain letter – you follow the alphabet from A-Z – and also books on the tbr starting with that specific letter. It sounds like a really fun way to showcase my favorite read books and also take a closer look at the books on my tbr. I’ve decided to only look at my 2018 reads when talking about my 5-star reads unless there aren’t any 5 stars read to be found when it comes to a certain letter. Then I’ll highlight some of my 4 and 4.5-star…

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