[BOOKHAUL] March + April 2020

    It’s that time of the month again; time to post my Bookhaul! I decided to combine my hauls from this month and last month seeing it’s been a while since I last did a bookhaul article. I’m excited to share my buys with you guys!  Curious to see what I’ve added to my shelves lately? Continue reading… ⌊ Note ⌋ Click on the bold Titles and you’ll be redirected to the Goodreads page where you can read the synopsis of each book! Crush the King by Jennifer Estep is the 3rd installment in the amazing Crown of Shards series that I’ve loved! Crush the King was a fun read yet…


    [TAG TIME THURSDAY] Currently Reading Book Tag

    I had this tag stored away for a while and thought today would be a good day to finish and post it. In this tag I talk about how many books I read at once, what time of the day I read most and many more subjects that have to do with reading. I am not sure who created this tag; please let me know if you do so that I can add credit to the post. Mostly 2 books at a time that I actively read. There were times when I was able to read more, especially if I read ‘just’ a specific amount of chapters/pages per day; that…



    So, what have I been up to reading wise? I’ll tell you about it in today’s WWW article. WWW Wednesday is a weekly book meme article I love to write. In this article, I’ll tell you about what book(s) I last finished reading, What book(s) I’m currently reading and What I’m planning to read next. I also love to hear what all of your WWW’s are so feel free to leave a reply! Happy Reading! The Diary of Anne Frank Graphic Novel adaption (Click HERE to read the synopsis) is one I came across in a book store last week. It has been on my wishlist ever since it released…


    [MONTHLY RELEASES] Anticipated May releases; Romance & More!

    Last week I shared an article about May releases within the Young Adult genre. Today I have an article in which I share some releases that interest me in the Romance, adult Fantasy and some other book genres. Yet again there are quite some interesting releases in May that I’m really excited about!  My most anticipated May releases The Tourist Attraction by Sarah MorgenthalerGenre: Contemporary RomanceRelease date: 5th I recently received an e-arc of this book and it has me so excited to read it. It looks like my kind of romance and the Alaskan setting sounds great! I can’t wait to find out what I’ll think of it. I…

  • MONTHLY RELEASES - ya edition

    [MONTHLY RELEASES] Looking forward to May’s YA book releases!

    It’s always so much fun, looking forward to next month’s releases. There are quite some YA releases in May that I’m super excited about, so my wishlist has grown a lot because of this haha. In this article, I’ll first share my most highly anticipated releases and then I’ll be also highlighting some releases that I didn’t put on my wishlist, but might be interesting for you guys as well. Happy reading!


    [BOOK REVIEW] From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout [Blood and Ash #1)

    “You’re an absolutely stunning, murderous little creature.” What a wonderful surprise it was to see this book being published. I always love reading Jennifer L. Armentrout and was so excited to find out how this new story has turned out, especially seeing how excited she herself is about the book. Today I’ll share my review with you guys! As the quote on the Header Image might suggest; I definitely liked reading this book! But… I didn’t give it the highest rating on Goodreads and I’ll explain why. If you want to know more about what I thought about this read, please continue… A Maiden Chosen from birth to usher in…

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