Outdoor Adventures sounds pretty adventurous, does it not? Sorry to disappoint, but this article isn’t going to be That adventurous haha. I just love spending time outdoors and explore nature when I go for the daily walks with our dog. We often come across beautiful places (at least I think they are haha) and I thought I’d share our little ‘outdoor adventures’ with you guys every once in a while. This is a new more personal item on the blog that has nothing to do with books really and shows you more about some of my other daily life aspects.

At the moment, I’ve been locked down inside our home for the past 2 weeks, seeing I probably have the Corona virus, so that really sucks. Thankfully it seems the worst has passed and things are looking a bit more positive again so I hope I’m able to go back into nature very soon. For Arya, our dog, it has been more depressing though. Even though my husband is at home atm, he still needs to work fulltime and is even more busy than usual so he isn’t able to take Arya on long walks – poor thing. We normally take 1 or 2 long walks on a daily base, so it’s quite a challenge to keep a 9 months old pup entertained mostly indoors now (there are ways of course; we do little games that keep her entertained and in which she tires herself out mentally by sniffing and thinking, etc), with a 9 months old kitten running around as well as a 7 years old little boy who isn’t really able to spend his energy as he is used to either. I truly can’t wait to go back outdoors for our daily walks, lol. Especially given the current world wide situation it’s nice to be able to go outside. We always go to spots that aren’t busy and at which we won’t get into contact with other people because we are doing our part when it comes to social distancing!

But during those daily walks we normally take, I can really find some peace and quiet that I just can’t seem to find anywhere else. Somehow, when being outdoors (especially in a forest or other quiet place, someplace were there isn’t any traffic and lots of people) my mind just really clears itself and I love it. Most of the time, the pictures I take are pictures with Arya in them but you’ll definitely get lots of beautiful background views and from now on I’ll try to take some more scenery pics as well to share on here.

Here are some of the last pictures I took at several different places over here in Limburg to show you guys what you can expect to see more of in the future. I’ll try to talk about the places I visit as much as possible, and as accurate as possible to give you guys some background information. Some places do have some interesting history, which I’ll try to discover as much about as possible 🙂 You can click on the pictures to see enlargements 🙂

This article will probably pop up once a month or so I guess or maybe twice, depending on how many pictures I’ve taken and if there’s something interesting to write about.

I’d love to hear from you! What do you think about this new item? especially seeing it doesn’t have much to do with books haha – but I love exploring some non bookish themes and add them to the blog one by one as you might’ve seen in the past when I added some items about watching movies/tv series, journaling… And there’s definitely more to come your way still!

Do you often go into nature?
What kind of places do you love to visit most?
The beach, the forest or somewhere else? 


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