[MOVIES & TV SERIES] What I’ve seen & What I want to see

Aside from reading, I’ve always loved watching movies and tv series and all that. Ever since I was a young girl, I was addicted you could say haha. So I though it’d be fun to write a wrap-up of some sorts on what I’ve watched each month as well as what I’m looking forward to seeing.

I love to hear what you’ve been seeing and looking forward to as well. I always love getting new recommendations 🙂 Happy reading!

the Christmas Chronicles

This was such a delightful movie! Definitely one of my new favorites when it comes to Christmas movies. I think Kurt Russell did a fabulous job on portraying Santa Clause. I really liked how he looked and acted as Santa Clause. Definitely a must-watch if you’re into Christmas movies!

Christmas Wedding Planner

I don’t really know what to say about this one exactly haha. There’s a specific way of ‘filming and acting’ that gives me that kind of ‘B movie feel’ I guess haha. They try to show a professionally made film but it doesn’t come across as one to me. Can’t really put into words what it is, but the way these films are portrayed is not always my cup of tea. It was cute but not something I’ll remember in the long run or want to watch again.

the little Mermaid

Being a mermaid fangirl at heart, I can’t believe it took me so long to watch this one! I think it was a wonderful movie and definitely something my former 10 year old me would’ve loved to watch as well when I was younger haha. It was enticing, enthralling and very cute. I’m still wishing for Disney to do a live action movie of the Little Mermaid. I liked this movie but I love the Disney story much better though.

Captain America: winter soldier

We love watching MARVEL and DC movies, so there’s at least one Marvel or DC movie we re-watch every month. This time we felt like re-watching Winter Soldier, since it’s one of our faves in the MARVEL cinematic universe. These movies never get old!


YES, I went to see Aquaman, whoop whoop! This one was very high up on my to-watch list! I love underwater settings and I loved Aquaman’s presence in Justice League. And seeing the trailers in the past months, I was so pumped to see this movie.

So we went to see Aquaman in the cinema and we both ended up loving it. I thought the underwater settings looked so beautiful and I liked the acting, the banter between Aquaman and I had a little girl crush going on as well haha hihi. Aquaman? Yeah, Jason is fine. But I loved seeing this huge amount of girlpower being present in the movie.

This particular female character, Princess Mera, gave me all the little Mermaid feels and combined it with the modern day Girlpower that’s represented in a lot of Marvel and DC Comic movies. So that was just epic I think – and I mean: she ‘rode’ a killerwhale into battle… I squealed with delight when I was watching that part haha <- GIRL CRUSH!

I liked the plot and the development of everything. It had heart, it had humor. So yeah, a really enjoyable movie and I’m already excited to hopefully see a second installment someday! This is definitely one we’ll re-watch when it comes out on blu-ray.


My husband is a huge fan of movies like Creed, the Rocky Balboa franchise, and so on. I love watching them from time to time as well so we decided to re-watch creed since we want to go see the second installment in the cinema this month.

the Hobbit movies

I was soooo in the mood for seeing the Hobbit movies so I watched them almost back to back within a couple of days at the beginning of December haha. I enjoyed them so so much. I know a lot of people hate on these three movies, but I’m not one of them haha. I thoroughly enjoyed being back in this world.

I love the acting, I love the parts of this world we get to explore more of in these movies – things we didn’t get to see (enough of) in the Lord of the rings movies. I like the characters present in these movies and the acting is great.

the Lord of the Rings movies

And when I was finished with the Hobbits movies, I decided to continue staying in this awesome world and watch the Lord of the Rings movies as well haha. I always love returning to these movies. I think these movies are just epic and I have to re-watch them at least once a year!

outlander Season 2

Outlander is a series that I love to watch but I have to be in the right kind of mood. Sometimes, I won’t watch it for months, and then all of a sudden I start binge-watching it haha. I’ve been re-watching some episode of the 2nd season to get back on track for when I get around to watch season 3.

Brooklyn 99

This is a series we only recently started watching. I came across this series before on TV and when I watched those glimpses of it, I always thought it was such a bad series haha. Same thing happened with Modern Family when we first came across that one. Then we decided to just watch it because we knew how popular the series is, and we got HOOKED. We watched everything in just 2 weeks or so? lol. This is a series we keep putting on repeat as well. I love it so much now!

Salvation Season 1

I came across this one when I was prowling on Netflix and it looked really interesting. I started watching the Pilot and was thoroughly impressed by it. For a pilot, it was really good. It had me so excited that I continued watching it. I’m halfway through Season 1 and still loving it!

Modern Family

This is a comedy that we – my husband and I – love as much as we do Friends and Everybody loves Raymond. It’s one we keep putting on repeat a lot. This is a series, to us, that we can’t get enough of and I always recommend this to everyone!

Everybody Loves Raymond

My hubby received the box set for Christmas. We’ve been hooked on this series for almost as long as we’re together now, 11 years. We lost our dvd’s during our move so many years ago and now we’re finally able to re-watch everything again. We’ve watched this series for years on a daily base – this is another one of those series that we can keep putting on repeat forever haha – and can’t get enough of it. It’s fantastic!! Definitely one of our faves. So, at the moment, this is one we’ve been constantly putting on at night. Its been a couple of years since I last watched the series so it’s been so much fun watching it again.


Just as creating a tbr list when it comes to reading books, I also like to look forward to something I want to watch in the nearby future so I thought it would be fun to put down a list of some of the movies/tv series that I want to watch in the hopefully nearby future.

  • Battle
  • Outlaw King
  • Chilling adventures of Sabrina
  • the BFG
  • Lee Daniel’s the Butler
  • the Last Kingdom

  • Bumblebee
  • Mortal Engines
  • Robin Hood
  • Creed 2
  • the Grinch
  • a Star is Born

It’s probably wishful thinking though, us wanting to go see these movies haha. Because with my mother in law living at our place atm, taking care of her and her dog on top of my regular household is tiring me out a bit. My hubby is so busy at work as well, so we probable’t won’t have much energy to go to the cinema more than once per month.

We’re planning on seeing Creed 2 tomorrow in the cinema, IF we find the energy to do so, lol. Milan’s over at my parents tomorrow night so we have the night ‘off’, which has been a while with Milan being home from school for a couple of weeks during Christmas Holiday and us taking care of my mother in law and things like that. So we need a night out I guess haha.

What have you loved watching in November? Favorite movie and/or a specific TV series you loved? I’m always looking for new recs! Love to hear from you!


  • Annabel

    I recently watched the good place and loved it!! I saw the series You and it was good. I’ve seen aquaman as well and really liked it. We saw The grinch and Ralph breaks the internet with the kids. I hope to see the new movie set around queen Elizabeth the first and queen Mary. And I really want to start watching Brooklyn 99.

  • Jamie Lee Zonneveld

    I like all those movies you’ve been watching, except Creed. I loved Aquaman!!
    I’ve been watching Nymphs on Netflix. Great show. Such a shame there is only 1 season. I’ve also been watching the 2nd season of Alexa & Katie and I started You. I’ve also watched a lot of Modern Family, Young Sheldon and Friends on Comedy Central.

    I went to the cinema a couple of times and saw:
    Mary Poppins returns: Loved it!!!! Even my brother liked it very much and he was going against his will😅
    Bumblebee: liked it so much!
    First Kiss: Yeah didn’t like that one
    Aquaman: LOVED IT!!!!
    Ralph Breaks the internet: Loved it
    Asterix and het geheim van de toverdrank: liked it
    Mortal Engines: Loved it
    The Grinch: liked it (but the original will be my favorite forever)
    Smallfoot: liked it
    Robin Hood: liked it very much

    The ones I’m hoping to see in januari are:
    How to Train your Dragon 3: Going saturday. Can’t wait!!!
    Vals, The Hate you Give, Instant Family and I still want to see All You Need is Love

  • Melanie

    Nice list. I really want to watch Sabrina, just haven’t had a chance yet. I keep meaning to watch The Little Mermaid as well, looks very different.

  • Isabelle

    I loved A Star is Born! I wasn’t expecting the turns it took so I was pleasantly surprised. Robin Hood en Mortal Engines are on my lists as well, although I want to read Mortal Engines first.
    I need to continue Outlander soon! I read the second book not too long ago and can’t wait to start the third one.
    Sabrina is WONDERFUL and dark and I want to rewatch all the episodes all ready haha. I also watched Salvation, loved the first season and hope to watch the second one soon <3
    Isabelle onlangs geplaatst…TTT #61 | Most Anticipated Releases For the First Half of 2019 Part IIMy Profile

  • Susanne

    I also considered doing something like this as well. Maybe for this year 😉 and I am happy to read that you enjoyed Aquaman, I am going to see it in a few weeks!

  • Christina

    I loved Outlander but agree I have to be in the right *mood* I’m on book one of the series because I hear Jamie in the books is even better! If that’s possible.

    I haven’t heard of Salvation but I’ll have to look into it! My husband and I just binge watched all of the new show You on Netflix (it’s based on the book) so maybe Salvation will be our Sunday binge watch show!

  • Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    I’m not a TV watcher (it rarely gets turned on) but I do enjoy movies. I still want to see A Star is Born. With all the hype around it I was surprised that it was mostly snubbed at the Golden Globes. I don’t know anything about Marvel/DC but my husband enjoys the movies. We haven’t seen Aquaman yet but I’ll go with him and ogle Jason Momoa. LOL
    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books onlangs geplaatst…My Year in Reading – 2018My Profile

  • Heidi

    LOVE LOVE Outlander! I am also watching the new season of Full House. Just got done finishing the latest season of When Calls the Heart. That’s about it for shows.

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