In the monthly favorites article, I normally put down a little list at the beginning of a new month, telling you guys about my favorite reads in the month before. Seeing I haven’t read much this year yet, I’ll be doing a re-cap of each month’s favorite read in 2019 – I posted a similar article like this last year in which I showed my 2018 favorites > Click HERE to read it.


Thanks to @novelheartbeat I’m able to put the favorites in a nice looking template, as you can see on the left. I’ll definitely talk some more about each book down below as well.

I’ve read a total of 143 books in 2019, so it was often quite a challenge to pick just 1 favorite each month. Sometimes, I really wasn’t able to choose between some books, so I just picked a favorite randomly. In some months I barely read at all so the choice was simple then haha.

Overall, I was quite happy with how my reading year turned out to be in 2019, even though I had to adjust the challenge back to 140 instead of being able to complete the original 150 goal. But 143 finished books is still quite an accomplishment I think!

Since I loooove buying books and love receiving review books, etc. it’s quite useful if you’re able to read larger amounts of books because otherwise I’d never get around to read a lot of the books I want to read – and I still feel like I don’t read nearly enough, lol. This year has been a disaster so far for example. But enough chitchat… Lets talk some more about my favorite 2019 reads!



Blood Heart is the 3rd installment in one of my favorite pnr series; Immortal Curse. Lexi is right there on top of my favorites list alongside Nalini Singh and Amanda Bouchet. Each new book in the series only gets better and better. 2019 started off with a blast when I read this one. It surpassed all my expectations! I can’t recommend Lexi’s books enough! In this book you get a quite original take on a world filled with paranormal creatures like Vampires. Lexi gave it a really awesome twist. Must Read! Extended review can be read >> HERE.


Daughter of Death by Lexi C. Foss is another one that I just had to choose as a favorite read in 2019. It may even be my absolute favorite among all the books Lexi has written so far, which is saying something seeing I loved Immortal Curse so much already as well. This pnr is focused on Angels and Demons, and is a bit of a darker read. I loooove Lexi’s take on the Angels/Demons and how the world works. Yet again, a Must Read! Extended review can be read >> HERE.


Kill the Queen by Jennifer Estep! There’s politics and intrigues, there’s a bit of magic and an interesting world in general, there’s action, there’s this amazing set of characters and the start of a really well developed romance as well (I can say this because I’ve read the second book and I’m currently reading book 3). Everything is so perfectly balanced out thanks to the addictive and enthralling writing by this author and I really couldn’t be happier with how this book turned out. I HIGHLY recommend this one! Extended review can be read >> HERE.


the NYPD Blue & Gold trilogy by Tee O’Fallon is a trilogy I enjoyed reading so so much! I fell in love with Tee’s writing a couple of years ago when she started publishing her K-9 suspense romance books. So of course I had to buy these books that she’d written earlier in her writing career. I still love the K-9 book more, but these books were really entertaining reads as well and I’d definitely recommend reading them if you like romantic suspense!

| MAY |

Stolen Songbird by Danielle L. Jensen was one of the best surprises in 2019 for me. I think this entire trilogy, the Malediction trilogy, is really underrated and I hope it’ll get more readers involved now Danielle’s books are becoming more popular. It’s a really strong first book in a YA fantasy series. I was hooked from the very first page and when finished it left me craving more. The other installments in the trilogy are just as good, maybe even better so I’m definitely trying my damnest here to get y’all to read these books! You won’t regret it, I PROMISE! Extended review will follow soon.

Other books I read in May also worth mentioning:
Dark Shores by Danielle l. Jensen, Sherwood by Meagan Spooner and the Glass Spire by Lauren DeStefano.

| JUNE |

Knotted by Pam Godwin is a fantastic dark romance read that had me on the edge of my seat the entire frigging time. This was one of the few books I’ve read in the past years that emotionally completely wrecked me in the best possible way when reading a book. Trigger warning though because it can get really dark and detailed at times. So if you don’t like reading about rape/murder/abuse I’d say it’s best to skip it. Otherwise; I can’t recommend this one enough if you want to start venturing the more darker romance paths. Extended review can be read >> HERE.

| JULY |

Leven met een Leugen by Wendy Brokers is the only Dutch written book that’s in the list. It’s one of the very few Dutch books in general that I’ve read throughout the entire year. I’m not easy to impress when it comes to Dutch writing, especially in the contemporary romance department, but Wendy’s talent for writing is utterly amazing. It’s sold as a feelgood book and in its own way it is a feelgood of course, but this book is so much more. This is one of the very few books, especially when it comes to Dutch writers publishing these kind of boosk, that has so much depth and heart without it feeling ‘flat’. I was so surprised with this read and the companion novel to this book as well. If you read Dutch, I’d highly recommend getting this one! My recently published review (in Dutch) can be read >> HERE.

Other books I read in July also worth mentioning:
Protect the Prince by Jennifer Estep, Kingdom of Exiles by Maxym M. Martineau, Chastely Bitten by Lexi C. Foss and the Hidden Legacy series by Ilona Andrews.


Whereas I had trouble choosing 1 favorite in July, in August there wasn’t anything to choose from at all except Cowboy Up haha. This was the only book I read in August and it was also a re-read. I’ve fallen in love with the Coming Home series by Harper Sloan a couple of years ago and I love returning to this small town setting every once in a while and re-read the books. Book 3 is probably my fave of them all, but the first two books are just frigging beautiful as well. What I especially like about these books is that there isn’t an overly amount of drama present. They’re just beautifully written stories set in a small town with a great set of characters present and a believable romane to top it of. Highly recommend this book and the other two books in the series as well!


Vow of Thieves by Mary e. Pearson was definitely a fantastic read and deserves being mentioned. Despite me still loving the Remnant Chronicles more, this duology in general was just fantastic. I loved the new characters in this duology and new world settings, combined with already well known elements that I came across in TRC trilogy. It’s all wrapped up so nicely with Mary’s beautiful writing. I don’t think I’d ever get enough of spending time in this fictional world and can’t wait to read more books by this amazing author! If you’re interested in reading the Dance of Thieves duology, I do recommend reading the Remantn Chronicles first though! It isn’t necessary to understand the story in these two books, but it definitely ads a bit more feels to it all.


The Bridge Kingdom by Danielle l. Jensen is such a great first book in a new series by this author whom I’ve come to love so much in 2019. I fell in love with her YA books, but when I heard about the Bridge Kingdom, a New adult fantasy book, I couldn’t be more excited! Danielle did not disappoint. This book was so much fun to read and I’m thrilled the sequel is coming out in a couple of months and I’m able to continue following the adventure of this awesome set of characters. Book 1 ended in a way that left me craving book 2 right away and it’s been slowly killing me; the wait for the release of the next one. But when you feel this way, you know it’s been a good read, right?! If you like the fantasy romance genre, I’d definitely recommend picking up this book!


Find me their Bones by Sara Wolf is the sequel to Bring me their Hearts, a YA fantasy trilogy set in quite a fascinating world. Some elements are quite typical for a YA book, but the author has definitely put in originality as well. The first book was so much fun to read – the e-book is FREE right now @ Amazon, so go grab it if you hadn’t done so already! – and it’s always a bit scary I think to dive into a sequel. Thankfully this second installment did not disappoint and was even better than book 1 I think. I’m desperately counting down the days until I can get my hands on book 3. Extende review of this book will follow soon.


Beneath Cruel Fathoms by Anela Deen is one of my absolute favorite reads in 2019. I love it when authors take the time to reach out to readers and I love reading new to me authors. When I got the opportunity to read this book, I just couldn’t pass up on it because the promise of it all was so good. I am beyond excited that I can now say, after reading it, that the book lived up to its expectations and that I found a new author that I cannot wait to read more of. There really wasn’t a single moment in which I wasn’t enjoying this book. I’m having a hard time to really put into words how much I loved this and why. Basically every element in this book was ‘right’ for me. From story-telling and plot to the characters and their development as well as the romance.  This is a book and author I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to read. Extended review will follow soon.


Looking back to it all I’d say that it’s great to see that some authors are being mentioned more than once. That shows how much I loved their writing in general, seeing I’ve read 143 books in total and still mention them twice in a list of 12 books total.

I also love that there are several self published authors (Lexi C. Foss for example, Pam Godwin and Anela Deen) on the list because as I said; I love supporting authors who are so frigging talented and dare to take the path of self publishing. I often come across self pub authors who are way better at writing than authors who are being published by a huge publishing house. So that’s definitely something I always try to do as well; to look beyond the big fish that are swimming at the surface and to find those beautiful gems hiding underneath.

What were some of you favorite reads in 2019? 

Thanks for reading!



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