favorite reads1.jpgNormally I write down a couple of my favorite reads each month, in this monthly favorites article. Today I’m going to look back to 2018 entirely and write down 1 favorite of each month, so 12 books in total.

Curious to see which books ended up on my favorite list this year? Continue reading…

In the first 6 months I’ve read more (paranormal) romance books than as I did (YA) fantasy, so you’ll be seeing quite some romance favorites in this list.

Aside from romance, the rest of my favorites are all ya fantasy books, which isn’t surprising to me in the least since that’s one of my fave genres to read aside from romance books haha.

Since I’ve read well over 200 books in 2018, it was really hard to narrow it down to choosing only 1 favorite per month since I’ve read multiple 5-star reads almost every month or so. Some months it was really easy to me to chose just 1 but other months it was a real struggle since there haven been so many books in a month I ended up loving so much and I have to think of a way to give them some attention as well someday.



I never in a million years thought beforehand that I was going to love this book SO MUCH. First, I normally don’t always like books written by multiple authors, let alone three. But these three authors; they MADE IT WORK. This was so frigging awesome! I love classics and re-tellings so when I saw that this was a Lady Jane re-telling I was intrigued. Then I found out there was, aside from it being a re-telling, fantasy/magical elements added to the story and that was such a wonderful surprise. It worked so well with this story. And these characters are so precious. I came to love them so so much! This is definitely one of the best re-telling books I’ve read and I can’t recommend it enough! MY LADY JANE FOR THE WIN!


This was my first read by Corinne Michaels. I’ve been wanting to read her work for so long and finally got around to start reading the first two books in the Salvation series, Beloved and Beholden, and I fell in love so hard with this author’s writing! This book took my breath away. What an addictive read – I left a review on Goodreads back in the day but I’m definitely re-writing it and publishing it on the blog very soon as well. Can’t stop loving on this book enough. And I can’t wait to read more by this author. I’m so excited to meet her at the RARE event in September!


If there’s a Rebecca Yarros book I’ve read, then it’s bound to appear on a favorite list of mine, lol. REBEL is no exception! I’ve DEVOURED every single story this author wrote so far and I can’t get enough of her writing. She has such a beautiful way with words and she’s one of the very rare few authors that always has me teetering on the edge of sanity when reading a book, in the very best way possible. I can’t explain how much her books do to me, how much I love them. The Flight & Glory series for example owns my heart and soul and then she published the Renegades books, with Rebel being it’s final installment and she blew my freaking mind yet again! REBEL is one of the most addictive romance books I’ve read, ever!


I was already hooked on Laura’s since I got aquatinted with her work a couple of years ago, before she started publishing her latest series, Warrior Fight Club. This is an author I can’t get enough of and everything she’s written so far, is nothing short of amazing. And then I got the chance to become a member of her review team last year – I still can’t believe this btw… FANGIRL SCREECH! – and that gave me the opportunity to read her books prior to release day.

Fighting for Everything was the first book in a new series about ex-military characters who suffer from ptsd and/or physical trauma who become members of a fight club. Laura’s way with words on such traumatized characters is so beautiful done. Subjects like depression are being dealt with and Laura’s way of writing about it; she’s one of the Very Few who knows how to write it so realistically I think. This book made such an impact on me on a personal level as well – I’ve suffered depression for years – and it was also the inspiration for my first tattoo. So yeah, this book is special to me. And I think this series is maybe even one of Laura’s best so far, which is saying something since I love love looooove all of her prior written books as well.

O and can I take a moment and fangirl like crazy over the fact that she used a quote of mine, from my Review on this book, to use in her promo mails back before it’s release and that she’s put it on the matching bookmark of this book, which she takes everywhere with her when she’s going to signings? Yep, I’m still shocked over that and awed by it…

| MAY |

Shadow Run was the first book in the series, that I first read in 2017 and that book took me by surprise in the best way possible. This was at the time already one of the best YA Sci-Fi books I’ve read. And then when I’ve read its sequel in May 2018 it got Even Better! And I daresay that this series is currently sharing the #1 spot with the Illuminae Files on my fave Sci-Fi list so that’s saying something haha. These books are everything I could’ve wished for in a YA Sci-Fi read!

The Kaitan Chronicles books by Adrienne Strickland & Michael Miller are just magnificent reads I think. The story-line is so frigging intense and fast-paced, the characters are so lovable and awesome and the plot twists always surprise me, which doesn’t happen often anymore. This is one hell of an amazing space adventure and I can’t get enough of these books. I’m so bummed out that these book aren’t better known in the book community yet and are overshadowed by the more popular books in the genre. I really hope more readers are going to pick up this series when they’re looking for a new YA Sci-Fi read!

| JUNE |

This month there’s another Romance book that I picked as my favorite read of the month; Player on Ice by S.R. Grey, the 5th book in the Boys of Winter series. A contemporary sports (hockey) romance series that has rapidly become a favorite of mine when I first got aquatinted with the books some years ago. I’ve devoured the first foor books so when I got the opportunity to read and review an arc of the 5th book I was ALL-IN.

And this book did not disappoint. I had no problem whatsoever giving it a 5-star rating because it blew my frigging mind. It was such a fast-paced and addictive read. The characters were so much fun to read about and their sexy romance development was Everything! This is S.R. Grey at her best and I recommend her books to any romance lover out there!

| JULY |

Mermaid-reads is something I’m aaaaalways enthusiastic about and sometimes there’s one I come across that steals my breath away. The Mermaid Trials by Cameron Drake is one of those books. And I love it so much that this is a self-published author. This shows that self-published authors deserve just as much, even more so, loving as an published author I think. Cameron Drake’s writing is just so good! I devoured this book within hours and I cannot wait to get my hands on its sequel, hopefully soon.

This book was everything my little mermaid fangirl could’ve wished for; merpeople, sea creatures, action and adventure in a frigging awesome underwater-setting and a bit of romance. This book is Mermaid meets Hunger Games and it was just fantastic!!!!


This month I chose a favorite from the paranormal romance genre, which is one of my fave genres to read. It’s the debut book by Lexi C. Foss, an author whom I got aquatinted with before the release of this book when I was asked to review it.

It was exciting, it was sexy and it was definitely addictive. The characters are interesting, loveable and exciting to read about. The romance is well developed and sexy AF. The story-line progresses in a nice pace and towards the end it has a great build-up that leaves you craving more. It’s definitely one of my favorite first book in a paranormal romance series, that’s for sure!!


Thanks to friends of mine I got aquatinted with this author last year and I’m soooo very thankful that thanks to them, I started reading J. Daniels. She’s become one of my all-time favorite romance authors. Her Alabama Summer series is so frigging fantastic. And I already heard good things about the Dirty Deed books so I had quite some expectations you could say, when starting the trilogy.

The first book, Four Letter Word, blew my mind. It was so much more sexier than I’d expected it to be and I LOVED it. The story-line was enthralling and I gobbled up the drama in this one. This book had me feeling ALL THE FEELS and it’s still my favorite out of the three Dirty Deed books, which is saying something since book 2 and 3 are just spectacular as well! This author is a must-read!!!


Technically this book releases this month but since I read it in October 2018, I felt like I could still add it to the favorites list haha. I still cannot believe I received an arc for this book since it’s published by a huge publishing house – Bloomsbury. When I first came across this book over at Netgalley I fell in love at the spot when reading the synopsis. a Beauty and the Beast re-telling with such a great looking synopsis? I WANT IT. Even though some of you might think ‘another BatB re-telling?’… YES! And this is the ONE you’ve been waiting for!

This is my most favorite BatB re-telling I’ve read so far and it’ll probably remain being my favorite as well. Brigid’s take on the well-known fairy tale is so frigging awesome. Her characters are so strong – girl power is really well presented in this one, whoop whoop! – and lovable and the settings are awesome, the story-line is so engrossing and the writing is just plain-right addictive. This is a BatB re-telling EVERYONE should read!!!

SPECIAL MENTION: October was also the month I read Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas, which ended up being one of my faves of 2018. This book paid such a beautiful homage to the entire series I think and it was everything I could’ve wanted for in a final installment and more. So of course I had to mention it as well hihi.


Whenever there’s a new R.S. Grey book coming out, I get so frigging excited! Everything I’ve read by her so far has been addictive and amazing. So when she announced HOTSHOT DOC, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I was one of the lucky bloggers who received an arc and when it was sent to my Kindle, I immediately started reading and I finished it one-sitting; I just couldn’t stop reading <- this is becoming a habit whenever I read an S.R. Grey book hihi.

So yeah… Another HIT for R.S. Grey with this newest book that has you feeling all feels!
Such well developed and amazingly lovable characters, a fast-paced story-line with some interesting (Hospital) settings (which give you all the Grey’s Anatomy Feels, YAS!) and Grey’s flawless and phenomenal writing, as always.


I haven’t read much in December due to my mother-in-law’s accident and her ending up in the Hospital but I did manage to finish a couple and one of those was Queen of Air and Darkness, which I’ve started reading right after its release on December 4th. This was a book I was buddy reading with Candyce and Isabelle from the Book duchesses and it ended up being my favorite of December.

When comparing to other final installments Clare has written so far, this wasn’t the best to me but overall it was still a solid 4.5 star read to me. It was a monster of a book – 900+ pages – but I went through it so fast! Her writing is just so phenomenally good I think. Reading a shadowhunter book always feels like ‘coming home’ to me as lots of people experience when reading Harry Potter for example. That’s what Cassandra’s books are to me; home. They mean Everything to me.

And reading this book was again one hell of an emotional reading experience. It left me craving more, as usual, and I really can’t wait to get my hands on the first Wicked Powers book. But, we’ll have to wait a couple of years before it releases. So for now… I’ll be on the lookout for the Chain of Gold release, the first book in the Last Hours trilogy which I’ve been looking forward to read ever since finishing Clockwork Princess for the first time all those years ago. I won’t ever get enough of the shadowhunter world and I’m glad I was able to read this book alongside friends of mine because nothing is better than sharing such amazing reading experiences with friends and other readers.


So, those are the 12 books – well, technically 13 since I also mentioned Kingdom of Ash hihi – I decided to choose for this list. As said, I easily could’ve added so many more books to this list that have become favorites of mine in 2018, but then the article would be too long I think, lol.

favorite reads1.jpg

I’d love to hear about your favorite 2018 reads! Maybe I’ll discover some new reads that way as well so I can add them to my 2019 tbr. Thanks for reading!


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