[WRAP UP] May 2019

The last Wrap up that I published was the one back in January. I thought it’d be fun to do one for May, even though I haven’t got barely any blog articles to put in here since I’ve only been back to publishing posts since yesterday haha. But there’s definitely some other things I can […]

[WRAP UP] November 2018

Aaaaaand that’s a wrap, folks! November has been a busy month, even though I don’t feel like having accomplished much on the reading part. But when looking back into my reading archive, it turned out I’ve read more books than I thought haha so that’s good. I also published quite a lot of articles on […]

[WRAP-UP] October 2018

In my Monday Memories article, I talk about what I’ve been up to personally, aside from reading books, in the past week or month and in this Wrap-Up, I’ll be looking back to my reading month. I’ll talk about my read books, the articles that I published on the blog and Reading Stats. But I’ll […]