[BUJO’s & PLANNERS] Always fully booked Planner by Little Inkling Designs

I’m a huge lover of planners and I’ve used several throughout the years, for personal use or for the blogging or whatever. I’ve had my eyes set on the Always fully booked Planner by Little Inkling Designs for a while now, so when I had the opportunity to buy the 2019 planner, I couldn’t hesitate since they always sell out so fast! So I bought it!

I’ve used bullet journals in which I put down my own lay-outs, I’ve used the MAMBI happy planners – I still use one for personal use which I’ll be showing you guys in an article soon – in the past which I loved… But I haven’t been as excited about a planner to use for my bookish and blogging things as I am with this one. This is the Perfect planner for me and I’m going to show you why I love it so much.

I’m going to show you guys what there’s to be found in this planner and what I’ve been using it for so far. Here we go!

Note: I’ve been stupidly using my alcohol based twin markers when I first started writing in the planner. So there’s a lot of ghosting to be found in some pictures. I’m so sad about this! Definitely something I’ve learned from and won’t be doing in the future anymore. But that means that some pics won’t show the planner content as beautifully as I would’ve liked. #MeSad

This planner is basically the Perfect planner to every reader, bookstagrammer, booktuber and book blogger out there. There are monthly pages and weekly pages to plan stuff, there are tbr pages, book haul pages and sooo many more awesome things! I’m so excited to give you an inside look in this planner as well as some of my every day blog planning.

It’s quite thick – understandable since there’s an entire 12 month planner inside as well as extra pages. I was looking for an extended planner to plan all my blog stuff, that also included extra bookish pages so this is just perfect to me. The front and back covers are really sturdy and plasticized so that provides a good protection to the pages inside.

I’m going to give you a look of the extra pages first and then I’m going to show you guys the monthly theme pages and the planner pages themselves. This way, you can see everything in the order of how it’s put into the planner – you see what I see when I flip through it. 


At the beginning of the planner, there are a lot of book related pages to be found. A wishlist page, books to read pages, goals page and many more. These are just really fun pages to fill in and I can already imagine myself enjoying the flip-through at the end of the year when all the pages are completely filled. Here’s what you can find at the beginning:

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  • This book belongs to
    This page doesn’t need any more info, right? haha. You can fill out your name in here 🙂 I’m thinking about adding some bookish stickers to this page!
  • 2019 overlay
    A view of the entire year. I don’t use these a lot but it looks stunning, right? haha
  • Dates to Remember
    Pages like these can come in handy. I pen down things I need to remember later on in the year. I always use this page as a reference for myself.
  • 2019 GOALS
    You can set any goal you like in here, there’s room for 7 of them!
  • Must see movies & TV shows to binge 
    I really love the set-up of these pages! It looks like it’s going to be so much fun filling these boxes!
  • Blanco bookshelves TBR 
    I love tbr pages like these! I always draw them myself in my bullet journals – as you may’ve seen in my BUJO article I recently published – but it’s nice to have one I didn’t need to draw myself and can just use immediately haha! Saw some stunning colored ones on Instagram and really want to color these pages as well someday.
  • Books to read x3
    3 pages on which you can write down books you want to read. I love the checkboxes so you can check off the books you’ve finished reading.
  • Favorite Quotes x3
    3 pages of beautifully designed borders in which you can write down your favorite quotes! I love writing down favorite quotes so I’m definitely going to be filling all three pages. I’m planning on writing a quote per book that I’ll read in 2019.
  • Catalog of Signed & Special edition books
    I love these pages! I can’t wait to write down my list of signed and special edition books. There are check boxes for ‘Signed’ and ‘Special edition’; so cool!
  • Book series tracker bookshelves
    Keep track of all the series you need to start and finish by writing in the title of each book in the series and coloring it in when you complete it <- that’s what it says on the page. I love this: a separate page to keep track of my unfinished series! It’s a goal of mine this year, to finish more series, so these pages come in handy then!
  • Wishlist 
    2 pages in which you can write down books you want to buy. To me, 2 pages isn’t nearly enough since my wish lists are always so long. So I’m going to write down the priority books on this list; the books I want to buy first before anything else.
  • A to Z challenge  
    You could leave it all blanco and fill in the titles whenever you’ve finished reading them for example. But you could also, what I did, fill in titles beforehand and check them off after reading them – by coloring them for example, as I do.I really like this challenge. It isn’t one that has a priority to me this year, but I think it’s fun looking back at the end of the year and seeing how much I was able to finish of this one. I’ve filled in a lot of my backlist books so I’m hoping to complete this challenge. But if not, that’s okay too. A really fun addition to the planner though!
  • 5 star reads
    I love this! Keeping track of your most favorite reads this way is fun. I’m thinking about doing some coloring on this page as well. Still doubting wether I should write down books after finishing them or if I fill it in at the end of the year, when I know how many 5-star reads I need to write down haha.
  • Book quote Coloring
    And a fun addition coloring page. You can leave it blanco if you don’t like coloring, and it still looks stunning. But if you like coloring, this is quite a fun one to color I imagine. I’m definitely planning on coloring it sometime this year.


I showed you the Extra bookish pages at the beginning of the planner, so now it’s time to get to the actual planner pages. There are monthly tabs to be found on the right side of the planner. This way, you always easily find the month you’re in need of finding.

Each month starts with a quote page on the left and a stunning design with the title of the month on it on the right. Then there are planner pages, but also other bookish pages as well that give you the opportunity to write down your book hauls and some mini reviews on the books you’ve read for example. Let me show you!

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  • Monthly Calendar 
    Use this calendar to plan your Instagram posts, blog posts, upcoming videos and other important dates. On the right, there’s also some room to write down photo challenges you want to participate in, goals you want to achieve and notes & ideas. It’s a perfect page to look into when you want to see an overview of all the important things you have to remember.
  • TBR
    I’m normally not one that holds herself to a prior made tbr but with this planner I find it so much fun to create one. By writing it down in the planner, it really motivates me to read all the books so I can check them off. I also write down which books I want to buddy-read as well as the books I need to review for authors/publishers. So the TBR page isn’t only for ‘fun’ but for blog/read goals as well.
  • New Releases
    And on the New Releases page I write down a list of anticipated releases I’m looking forward to. I always preorder some books each month and those are the ones that I color so that I know which ones to expect each month. And the other ones I write down to remind myself that those are ones I want to buy and read in the future as well.
  • Monday – Sunday weekly 
    Then we have the weekly planner pages. There’s more than enough room – in my experience anyway – to write down everything I want to accomplish blogging and reading wise each day. I write down the articles I want published on certain days and then I put down a TO DO list underneath of things I want to do that day.I also write down a reading schedule when I’m buddy-reading and there’s room to fill in the number of pages you read each day. On the bottom right page, there’s a Notes section, in which you can write down some notes. To me, this weekly overlay is perfect for all my blog things!
  • Bookish Haul
    This page is a great addition I think. I love that there’s room to write down my book hauls each month. This makes it so much easier to write my haul articles for the blog for one – normally I have to remind myself to write down the books in a draft right away otherwise I always forget to mention some books in the haul, lol.And it’s so much more convenient to look up my haul this way because now everything is to be found in 1 planner instead of things being randomly written down in drafts in my blog editor, my phone and things like that.
  • Wrap-up
    And then there’s a Wrap-up page to be found in which you can write down the number of books you’ve read, things I’m currently loving, and things like that. There’s a list with check boxes in which I write down the Books I read and then there’s some space on the bottom half of the page that’s dotted.In January I decided to write down the movies & tv series I’m watching but you can do whatever you like with it. Drawing could be fun on here as well for example; so many things you can do with it so I think it’s awesome they included a bit of dotted space to it.
  • Book Reviews
    There are 3 pages to write down mini reviews on the books you’ve read. There’s room to review 6 books in total. There are stars you can color so you can rate the book, you can write down the title and author and the started/finished dates as well as some thoughts you had on the book. In my experience, there’s enough room to write down the basics of your reading experience.So far, I’ve had enough room to write down what I wanted to say about the book. More extended reviews are posted on Goodreads and the blog. I can’t wait to flip through the planner at the end of the year and come across all the filled in Book reviews pages! It’s going to look amazing, I imagine.
  • Notes
    And last but not least, there’s a Notes page at the end of each month. You can write down whatever you like. I decided to write down blog article ideas on this page. Ones I can’t finish in the current month and want to remember to finish in the next for example. Or maybe someday, I’ll use it to write down extra quotes, or whatever. There’s more than enough to do with a Notes page.


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TIP: I told you before about my use of alcohol based twin markers but I want to say it again: Don’t use any markers based on alcohol if you’re bothered by ghosting. I learned this the hard way as you can see in the pic above lol. But I should’ve known better really, because alcohol based markers always ghost on basically any type of paper. I obviously didn’t properly think it through beforehand, sigh. 

I’ve decided to print some movie pics of the movies I want to see and put them on the left page so you don’t see the ghosting anymore. I’m going to show you guys in a couple of months how that’ll look like, since I want to do an update on my use of the planner then anyway. This way I can pimp the page a bit and get rid of the ghosting, which bothers me a lot.


And there’s still more to be found in this planner! Aside from all the monthly, weeklies and bookish pages there are also Quarterly pages to be found as well as a yearly wrap up. The quarterly check ins can be found at the end of March, one at the end of June and one at the end of September. And at the end of December there’s the 2019 wrap-up. The designs of these pages are stunning, as the rest of the planner is as well.

  • Quarterly Check-Ins
    These consist of two pages. On the left side you can write down your seasonal favorites like favorite music, book, tv show and more. There’s room to write down social media stats, favorite quotes, memorable moments, a wishlist and goals and things to work on in the following months. I love this! Can’t wait to fill these pages.
  • 2019 wrap-up
    In this yearly wrap up you can write down the number of books you’ve read, favorite books/series, favorite OTP, favorite male and female characters and much more. There’s a top 10 list, room for social media stats, top three quotes and memorable moments as well.


I can’t be anything other than extremely enthusiastic about this bookish planner. I don’t think I’ve come across anyone on social media really, who wasn’t over the moon happy with their Always fully booked planner. I’m definitely one of those happy customers haha.

These planners always sell out extremely fast so unfortunately the fully booked planner isn’t available for purchase anymore, but… the shop does have another really awesome thing for sale: the Novel Companion, which is basically the same thing when you get down to the basics. It has all the awesome bookish pages except for the weekly planner lay-outs. It does have a monthly one, so you can still plan with it!

> You can buy it HERE! <

Seeing the quality of this planner – the sturdiness of the cover and the pages themselves, since it’s quite thick paper – I can’t believe I ‘only’ paid like €22 for this one! This one was definitely worth the money I spent on it! I had to pay shipping but I don’t take it into account since that’s not fair when reviewing the item.

This shop doesn’t only sell planners/novel companions btw, but stickers, bookmarks and more as well! I am so in love with my planner and hope I can get my hands on the 2020 planner as well when it goes on sale next year hihi.

Do you use a specific type of planner for your bookish planning like bookstagram, booktube and/or book blog? Love to hear from you!


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