Each year, on January 1st, I set a new reading goal for myself. In 2018, I’ve managed to read 222 books. In my enthusiasm I decided to set my 2019 goal at 200 books. But seeing some of the things I’ve planned for 2019 personally on top of picking up my study again and the time that blogging takes up, I probably won’t be able to finish reading 200 books.

Which is totally okay of course. I’ll keep it at 200 for now and in a couple of months I’ll reassess and see if I should adjust my goal to lets say 120-150 or so. For now, I’m staying positive and try to look forward to reaching my goal of 200. On this page, I’ll put down a list of the books I’ve read.

(Titles that are underlined are reviewed, so when you click on the title
you’ll be automatically redirected to my review. Happy reading)

  1. Only the Negatives by Elle Thorpe (Only You #3) – ❤❤❤❤
  2. Until you’re Mine by Cindi Madsen –