[BOOKISH ARTICLE] Happiness is… Buying Books!

Buying books is definitely something that brings me happiness. A couple of months ago, I was quite proud (but also sad at the same time, lol) of the fact that I hadn’t put in many preorders for the upcoming months. I was barely reading because I was in a slump and seeing that I wasn’t blogging anymore I therefore also paid less attention to upcoming releases > this way I was able to focus on the books on my shelves and my kindle tbr. At least, this is the theory, lol.

Recently I started blogging again and the reading has picked up a bit, so I started looking at upcoming releases. I should not have done that. Lol. If my hubby now logs into some of the online websites I normally buy books from, he’ll go bananas. I recently bought a couple of books that have been dispatched and are on my way as we speak, but I also put in some preorders for the upcoming months as well. Curious to see what kind of books I pre-order? Continue reading…

| On their way as we speak |

  • From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Blood and Ash #1)
    When I saw Jen’s Facebook post in which she talked about the book being just published and how much she’s wanted to write and pulish it for years, I couldn’t just not order a copy. I bought it via the German Amazon, so it’ll probably take a while before it arrives but I’m so excited!! I bought a copy for a good friend of mine as well, who loves Jen’s writing as well, as a gift and can’t wait for it to arrive on her doorstep!
  • Olympus at War by Kate O’Hearn (Pegasus #2)
    I got book 1 in the series for Christmas and read it not that long ago. It’s been a while since I’ve started a Middle Grade book and it thoroughly surprised me! I came across book 2 and 3 on Amazon recently that were sold by Bookoutlet for a great price, so I couldn’t resist buying. I’ve been really impatient thus far and can’t wait to receive it! FYI: I’ll be sharing my review of book 1, the Flame of Olympys, tomorrow on the blog.
  • The New Olympians by Kate O’ Hearn (Pegasus #3)
    When I ordered book 2 in the series, I ordered book 3 along with it as well seeing it was also nicely priced. Both book 2 and 3, were bought for only €16 including shipping costs so that’s quite a good price seeing they’re both hardcover editions. I love the covers of this series so much so can’t wait to complete my collection!

| Preorders |

Now… Lets get on with the pre-orders list. I’ll show you the books I put in preorder up until the end of July (and one September release). Really excited about getting all these beauties when the times comes.

  • May 1st | the Girl and the Stars by Mark Lawrence (Book of the Ice #1)
    I’ve been wanting to read a Mark Lawrence book since forever. I own a book by him, Prince of Thorns, but haven’t gotten around to read it yet. Hopefully soon. I keep hearing such good things about his books! When I came across the Girl and the Stars, I couldn’t just not put in a pre-order. The synopsis looks so good!
  • May 6th | Aurora Burning by Jay Kristoff & Amie Kaufman (the Aurora Cycle #2)
    Aurora Rising, book 1 in the series, was a fantastic read. I don’t think these authors are able to disappoint me! Of course, I had to put in a preorder for the second installment. I’m planning on doing a reread of book 1 before the release of this one so that I’m back on track with everything that happened in the first book. So excited to reread the first book and to find out how the story continues in Aurora Burning!
  • May 6th | Forged in Fire and Stars by Andrea Robertson (Forged in Fire and Stars #1)
    The title of this book, the cover of this book and the synopsis screamed: BUY ME! So I did. This looks like a book that I’d enjoy and I’m a sucker for a beautiful cover, so I couldn’t resist putting in a preorder. So curious about this book!
  • May 12th | House of Dragons by Jessica Cluess (House of Dragons #1)
    After having enjoyed previous books written by this author and now seeing she’s publishing a book with dragons… How could I resist?! The synopsis looks really interesting and I truly cannot wait to get this one and read it. Previous covers for this authors books have been beautiful and this one does not disappoint either; it looks fantastic, I think! Can’t wait to add it to the collection and read it.

  • June 1st | Dark Skies by Danielle l. Jensen (Dark Shores #2)
    June starts off great! A new Danielle L. Jensen book, who has become one of my favorite authors ever since I started reading her books. I’ve loved everything she’s written so far, and cannot wait to see what’s going to happen in this 2nd installment in the series, and companion novel to Dark Shores. And look at that beautiful cover. Sigh. My bookworm heart is so happy when knowing I’ll be receiving a hardcover copy with this stunning cover on it!
  • June 2nd | a Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas Adult Edition (ACOTAR #1)
    I own 2 hardcover copies of ACOTAR and no paperbacks yet. I’ve been wanting to add paperback editions to my collection as well, but when seeing the adult edition they’re going to release in June, I decided to buy a hardcover copy yet again, lol. I just think these covers will look more beautiful in HC edition. So as for the paperbacks; I’ll buy the ones with the original covers someday haha.
  • June 2nd | Calamity Jane by Hand, Ashton & Meadows (the Lady Janies #3)
    I’ve enjoyed the other two books in the series so much. Classic re-tellings combined with paranormal/fantasy/magical elements. Book 1 is still my favorite and blew my socks off the first time but book 2 was also really entertaining. I cannot wait to find out what I’ll think of book 3. The synopsis looks so interesting! It has a western setting and I’m so thrilled about that!
  • June 23rd | Seasons of the Storm by Elle Cosimano (Seasons of the Storm #1)
    Aside from buying book releases by authors whom I’m already familiar with, I also love getting aquinted with new authors. When coming across Seasons of the Storm, I knew instantly that Elle Cosimano was an author I wanted to get aquinted with. The synopsis looks really good and that cover is also really stunning! Can’t wait to read this one!
  • June 25th | Steel Crow Saga by Paul Krueger (Steel Crow Saga #1)
    “Four destinies collide in a unique fantasy world of war and wonders…” So the synopsis is quite promising I think was what I thought when I read the first sentence of it. And it’s also a new to me author, so I added it to my pre-order list haha! Can’t wait to receive it.
  • June 30th | TRUEL1F3 by Jay Kristoff (Lifel1k3 #3)
    Lifel1k3 was so much fun to read! I haven’t read DEV1AT3 yet, so I’ll be able to bingeread book 2 and 3 when TRUEL1F3 will be delivered.

  • July 7th | The Princess will save you by Sarah Henning (The Princess will save you #1)
    This just looks like a really fun YA fantasy read. I haven’t read anything by this author yet (Sea Witch is on my shelves) but decided to buy another book anyway haha. Also really love the cover design!
  • July 7th | All these Monsters by Amy Tintera (Monsters #1)
    I’ve loved Amy’s Ruined trilogy and I’m so happy to see there’s a new series coming our way. The synopsis is really promising I think and if the writing is as good as it was in the Ruined books, I’m quite positive I’m going to be hooked on this book!
  • July 28th | Prince of Shadows by Maxym M. Martineau (the Beast Charmer #2)
    I am super duper excited about this release!! This is the second installment in the Beast Charmer series, a fantasy romance by a new and upcoming author whom’s writing I really came to love when reading book 1, Kingdom of Exiles. I’ve been super stoked about the next release in the series, so of course I had to put in a pre-order for it. The synopsis of this follow up book looks so promising and I can’t wait to find out if it’s going to be as amazing as the first book is.
  • September 17th | To Sleep in a Sea of Stars by Christopher Paolini 
    A new Christopher Paolini book that isn’t set in the Eragon world? I’m intruiged! And it’s a SciFi book? I’m suuuuuper intruiged and ME GOTS TO HAVE THIS BOOK! I absolutely loved his heritance cycle books and can’t wait to see what he pulled off with this new book, set in an antirely different genre/setting.

So, I’m going to be one happy bookworm the upcoming months. Receiving new books is always a little highlight of the day for me. I try not to stay focused too much on the releases that I ordered, so that’ll be a surprise for me when the book arrives. In a couple of months I’ll probably add more preoders to the list for the months of August through December. I basically focused on fantasy books, so I’m going to try to focus a bit on the romance genre as well when I’m going to preorder for august and following months.

Are there any upcoming releases
you’re looking forward to?

Thanks for reading!


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