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Over at Melissa’s I always loved talking about reading challenges/goals and blogging goals. Even though I often end up failing them, I keep making new ones each year haha. We have to stay positive, right? lol.

Some challenges last year, like the Goodreads one, I succeeded in without having any trouble at all. And there were those that I failed miserably like Beat the Backlist for example. Still, I decided to participate in the Beat the Backlist challenge again this year. There are definitely some other goals I set for myself this year. First, let’s talk about what Reading Goals I set for myself:


Finish at least 5 Series that I’ve already started

As you might’ve seen in one of my TBR on Sunday articles, I talked a bit about how I wanted to finish some series that I’ve started but haven’t gotten around to finish yet. I really hope I can tackle  a lot of those. Knowing myself, I probably end up not finishing as many as I’d like because I always end up reading new releases as well hihi.

But I’m going to try my best because there are quite some series I’m really excited about when I’ve read the first book(s) and it’s about time I started finish reading them, so hopefully 2019 is going to be the year I can tackle a lot of them. Read more about the series I want to finish by clicking on the link below.

[TBR ON SUNDAY] Completed Series I still need to finish reading

Read 3 Classics

I love reading Classics from time to time but I haven’t gotten around to reading any in 2018 and I’m really bummed out about that. I really hope I get around to reading some of the ones that are still on my tbr this year. It sucks sometimes, being a mood reader because especially with Classics I have to be in a really specific mood haha otherwise I just can’t focus well on it and I end up not finishing it.

I decided to set my goal on 3. Which ones, I’m still in doubt over because there’s an entire list of Classics I still want to read haha. But I think I’ll be focusing on the ones I already have in the collection instead of buying new ones – because there are still a lot on my wishlist hihi. If I’d have to choose 3 books right this second, I’d probably go with:

  • Black Beauty by Anna Sewell, which will be a re-read. I’ve read this one when I was younger and Black Beauty’s story has always been a special one to me. I’ve read books, watched the movie, tv series and animated movies. I was obsessed with this stunning black horse and I’m really excited to read the story again!
  • the Story of King King Arthur and his Knights by Howard Pyle. I’ve always been interested in everything regarding King Arthur and yet I haven’t read this one by Pyle yet. I put the Barnes & Noble leather-bound edition on a wishlist some months ago and my hubby surprised me by buying it for Christmas. It’s such a stunning edition and I can’t wait to read it!
  • Beauty and the Beast and other Classic Fairy Tales. Another Barnes & Noble leather-bound edition I am so in love with! I’ve read the original Beauty and the Beast story many years ago and I’m really excited to re-read it again and to also read the other fairy tales that are published inside this edition!

Do more Buddy-reads

I haven’t done a lot of buddy-reads so when I recently ended up buddy-reading the Dark Artifices books with my friends Candyce and Isabelle from the Bookdutchesses blog, we thought it would be a good idea to take this with us into 2019. So we are planning on buddy-reading at least 1 book per month since we have a lot of the same books on our tbr’s. I can’t wait to see which books we’re going to buddy read and hopefully we’re going to love them.

And aside from buddy-reading with Isa and Candyce, I’m always open to other buddy-read projects as well! I can’t wait to buddy-read one with Melanie from Mel to the Any for example – we really need to make this happen girl! And if any of you is interested in a buddy-read, let me know! I’d love to do this with any of you!

Complete the Goodreads 2019 reading challenge

The Goodreads challenge is always the One challenge that I Really want to complete, no matter what. But I went a little nuts when setting my 2019 goal this year so I don’t know if I’m able to finish the challenge this year. I may have to adjust the goal within a couple of months. But I first want to see if I can keep myself on track. We’ll see… If I feel like I can accomplish the goal, I’ll keep it set at 200, otherwise I’ll adjust it in a couple of months.

Complete the Beat the Backlist 2019 challenge,
hosted by Novelknight

I failed the Beat the Backlist challenge miserably in 2018 but reading backlist books is still a goal I want to succeed in this year since there are so many backlist books I’m so excited about! So therefore I decided to participate in Novelknight’s beat the backlist 2019 challenge again.

Hopefully I’ll succeed this year haha. There are 40 backlist books on my tbr so that’s quite the challenge! You can read more about this challenge and my TBR list by clicking on the link below.


Reach the 80% feedback ratio @ netgalley

I’ve been lacking a bit in the Netgalley review department lately haha. I really want to reach the 80% feedback goal at Netgalley this year so I’m hopefully going to read some more of my arc’s soon and review them then. It’s not that the books aren’t interesting to me anymore or anything like that, but since I’m a mood reader it just often happens that books remain on my tbr stack even though I’m excited about them. It depends on THE MOMENT as to what book I’ll pick up. I can’t wait to to tackle more Netgalley books since all of them are ones I’m really excited about!!

Read as much RARE authors as possible

You may have seen some articles I wrote already about the RARE event – Romance Authors and Readers Event – that I’ll be attending in London upcoming September. There’s already quite a list of authors I know, love and want to meet. But there are so many new to me authors on the attending authors list as well and I really want to read as many as possible before I’ll be traveling to London with my friend Kaylee. Read more about RARE by clicking on the links below

[BOOKISH ARTICLE] Romance Author and Reader Event 
[MEET THE AUTHOR MONDAY] RARE19 London – My Unicorn author list 



There’s always a list of things I want to accomplish when it comes to the blog. Ever since I started blogging years ago, I’ve always been busy with ‘improving’ my blog when it comes to lay-outs, new articles, rewriting old articles, and so on. I love changing things up when it comes to the blog and articles layouts so I’m always working behind the scenes on creating new stuff.

This year there are definitely some goals I’d love to accomplish blog-wise. I’ve only been back to blogging since October ’18 and I’ve started fresh, meaning I deleted my entire old blog and started a new one. I’ve since then switched to my own domain again and bought a theme for the blog that has a layout that I’m really in love with. Here’s what I want to work on this year when it comes to the blog:

Reach 300 followers on WordPress 

Even though I’m having trouble adding a WP follow button to the blog atm – there are some issues with my blog html so I have to check that out soon – I’m really striving to up my follower count. I’m almost up to 100 now and I’ve been blogging sinds mid October so I’m hoping to reach the 300 at the end of this year. If this doesn’t happen, it’s definitely okay as well tho.

I’m so very thankful to every single reader and follower who already reads my blog. I can’t express my gratitude enough! I’m always baffled people want to read what I write and talk about so I’m really thankful to every single one of you who’s already accompanying me on this journey!

Fix any bugs on the new website

When switching from free WP to my own domain some things went wrong. My publicize settings don’t work anymore. This means that my published articles won’t automatically be put up on my social media accounts, which is quite frustrating. There’s something wrong with my html code and I don’t know enough about it to fix it myself, so that’s definitely something I have to fix with help. My WordPress Follow button is gone and I can’t get it back… things like that.

They aren’t Necessary at the moment to actually Blog, but it’s definitely something that I need to fix in the nearby future to make blogging more easier and to also help me achieve my WordPress followers increase goal.

Getting back on track with my ARC tbr

As I already talked about earlier; I want to reach the 80% ratio feedback on Netgalley and that goes hand in hand with tackling arc’s. At the moment, most ARC’s that are still waiting to be read are Netgalley arc’s and I really want to catch up with them.

But there are also some arc’s I received from authors themselves. Ones I haven’t gotten around to read yet. So I really want to read and review them all this year!

I want to be able to request and accept arc’s without knowing there’s still an enormous list of arc’s waiting to be read. So this is definitely on my most important blog goals for this year!

More content on the blog

Since I’ve only been blogging since October, there are still quite some articles that I haven’t published yet. Getting more content on the blog is a logical goal for me this year. I love reading blogs with a lot of content so I can keep on reading and discovering new articles so that’s really something I want to achieve with my own blog again.

I already decided to republish some Goodreads reviews that I already wrote a while back on the blog too; books that I previously read and want to give some more attention on the blog now. Of course, I’ll also keep reading and reviewing newly read books.

Then there’s also a lot of ‘weekly and monthly’ articles I still want to introduce and I want to write some single articles. There’s a lot I’m currently putting into draft, since I finally found some time again to blog and I can’t wait to share it all with you!

So I think this list is more than enough goals set for 2019 haha. I’m not going to pressure myself into completing them all, but putting down a list is just a helpful reminder to me.

I’m really excited about this year, not only when it comes to the reading part but the blogging part as well! I can’t wait to keep talking and fingerling with and to you guys about books and to hopefully also discover new bloggers/bookish friends. I hope your 2019 is going to be great as well! Thank you for reading!


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