[BOOKHAUL] Free e-books haul @ Amazon

As some of you might’ve seen already; at the moment there are a lot of authors who are kindly spoiling us by putting e-books up for grabs. Even though I already have way too many books on my TBR, physically and digitally, I couldn’t resist to prowl amazon a couple of days ago and add some books to my Kindle.

Curious to see what I got and maybe get inspired yourself? Keep reading…

The end result of this was: 64 new books were added to my Kindle, yikes! I may went a little overboard? But then again; you can Never have too many books, right? Lol.

On Amazon, there’s normally already a great selection of free e-books to be found on a daily base, especially if you like reading the following sub genres; historical romance, contemporary romance, fantasy/urban/paranormal fantasy romance, YA and Thriller (but many more, like classics for example). Seeing I like to read a lot of those genres, there was lots to be found on Amazon that I now got for free. I just couldn’t resist haha. Not sure if I’ll ever get to reading all of them with new books being bought as well as still receiving review books, etc. but at least I’ll have them available on my Kindle now. I love to have lots to choose from.

Ready to see my haul? Here we go!

Most of the books that I got are some kind of (paranormal/urban fantasy) romance seeing I love reading those sub genres. There are some dark romances in there as well, reverse harem romances. There are lots of books written by new to me authors that I can’t wait to get aquatinted with. But I also can’t wait to dive into the books by already known authors that I haven’t read yet, like the books by Colleen Hoover, Jodi Ellen Malpas, G. Bailey, Laura Thalassa, Paige Taylor and Alisson Bliss.

There were also a couple free books I came across that I’ve already read myself, and that I want to mention as well, so that I can maybe persuade you to get and read them – because I loved them!! Here’s the list:

  • Amelia Hutchins – Fae Chronicles book 1 (fantasy romance)
  • Tee O’Fallon – Lock ‘N Load (Romantic suspense – K9)
  • Sara Wolf – Bring me Their Hearts (YA fantasy)
  • Elle Kennedy – the Deal (New adult/Contemporary romance)
  • Jennifer L. Armentrout – Obsidian (YA fantasy)

Did you get any free books, whether it was through Amazon or another platform? Love to hear which ones you got and would recommend me!

Thanks for Reading!


  • Sanne

    Welcome back first of all ๐Ÿ’•
    Iโ€™m the happiest with the free Colleen Hoover books, even though I also want to add them to my physical TBR (which I probably do anyway). I also just bought tons of physical books, I felt like now was the right time to create an even bigger library!

    • melissasfandomworld

      Thank you so much for welcoming me back <3 And I can imagine you being happy with the Colleen books <3 Can't wait to read them myself as well. I'll also add them to my physical collection when I end up liking the books - I'm a bit behind on adding printed copies by Hoover to my shelves haha. I have been busy pre-ordering quite some books for the upcoming months. It's definitely a good time to expand the library <3 What books did you buy? I'm not curious or anything, lol.

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