[BOOKHAUL] December 2018

This is going to be a big one you guys! So I won’t be adding a synopsis of every book, like I normally do. But I’ll put links in the book titles so you can click them and you’ll be able to read the synopsis on Goodreads right away!

This month’s book haul will include:

  • Books I pre-ordered and/or bought myself
  • Books I received from friends this Christmas
  • Books I received from family other than my husband, this Christmas
  • Books I received from my husband this Christmas

So yeah, that’s going to be quite a lot hihi. Are you ready? Here we go!

| Self-bought books |

I thought I wouldn’t receive a lot of books in December that I bought myself, because it’s an expensive month as it is with Christmas hihi. And since I’d be receiving some books with Christmas anyway, from friends and family, I decided to low-key it when it came to buying books for myself. In the end, I received more books than anticipated though. Most books weren’t really bought for December though, but just arrived later. I also received the Illumicrate box on December 1st which was technically a November box, so the two books that were inside the box belong to this December haul as well. Queen of Air and Darkness, Until you’re mine and the Defiant were purposely bought for December and the rest was technically supposed to be November hauls but they arrived later.

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| Books I received from friends |

I participated in a lottery exchange thingy with some friends of mine. Each of us would buy a book and some bookmarks for one other person so that we all had a package from one another underneath the tree. Kaylee was the one who got my name and she sent me not one but two books from my wishlist (From the Earth to the Shadows & Beauty Awakened) and she added some magnetic bookmarks to my package as well, which I am so frigging in love with; Wonder Woman, Superman, Ariรซl and prince Eric!! I couldn’t be happier with all of this!

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I also got a Christmas box from my friend Wenda, since we always exchange present among each other. And she got me three books aside from a lot of non-bookish stuff; Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi, Addicted by Elle Kennedy and a short story by one of my fave authors; Just gotta say by Laura Kaye. So yeah: I got pampered!!! Thanks lovelies!

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| Books I received from family |

My Christmas wish list for the family (my in-laws, my parents and my sister) always consists of books haha. We always go to my parents first on Christmas eve; we eat together and then exchange presents. Afterward, we normally go to my family in law and we exchange presents among the adults – the children normally unpack their presents on December 26th. This year things got mixed up a bit since my mother in law had to have surgery on Christmas eve’s day so we unpacked the in-law-presents on December 26th instead.

I made wish lists beforehand, so mostly I already knew what I’d be receiving from all of them, except for the ones I got from my sister since I gave her a larger wish list so she could surprise me. I’m so happy with all the new beauties. Some are ones I’ve already read and loved and really wanted to add to my collection like the J. Daniels books, the Megan Green books and Lost before you by Brooke O’ Brien, but the other ones I haven’t read yet and I can’t wait to do so! I actually already read and finished one of them, which I really loved; Seal of Honor by Tonya Burrows!

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| Books I received from my husband |

And then I also received books from my husband, who always pampers me a lot, so I had to show those books separately. On December 25th, we always spend the day at home, the four of us (my husband, Milan, our dog and myself), unpacking the gifts we bought for each other and Milan. This is always my most favorite Christmas day and not because my husband spends too much money on buying Milan and myself presents – although I love receiving presents so you won’t hear me complaining about it of course haha – but just for the fact we get to spend this entire day as a family without any mandatory visits and such. This year, it was a bit more chaotic due to the fact that my mother-in-law was in the Hospital so we spent some time there as well. My hubby has been insanely generous this time around, as always really, and I’m so happy with all the new beauties I get to add to my shelves!!

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Soooo… yeah, December has been an amazing book haul month haha! I am so happy with all of the 39 new books I got to add! I’ve read some of them already as e-books and I just wanted to have them in my collection (the J. Daniels books, Fighting for what’s his by Laura Kaye, the Megan Green books and Lost before you by Brooke O’ Brien for example) and I can’t wait to re-read them sometime.

Most of the books I received this year are some stunning special editions or books published by self-published authors and I love how my self-published author shelves have been growing the past year in particular. I think discovering, reading and buying books from self-published authors is really important and I try to support them as much as possible. A lot of my all-time favorite authors are self-published, so that’s just really awesome I think!

Did you receive any books this Christmas?
Love to hear what books you found underneath your tree.

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  1. La La in the Library

    I have a couple of Tamora Pierce books on my Kindle, but I have yet to read them. I hope to get to at least one of them this year. ๐Ÿ‘โœจ

    Thanks for the heads up on the Diagon Alley book! โšก

    Fab haul! Enjoy your reading. ๐Ÿ“šโœจ

    1. melissasfandomworld

      Thank you!

      The Tamora Pierce book looks really interesting! I hadn’t heard of this one before. I did come across other books by this author but never got around to buy/read them. Hope this is going to be a good read. I hope you get around to read her books this year as well. Thanks for the reply!

      The Diagon Alley book is such an awesome addition to the HP collection.
      Definitely one you should buy if you’re into HP.
      It’s filled with a night bus ticket, a bookmark, and more.
      melissasfandomworld onlangs geplaatst…[FRIDAY FIRST] Until you’re Mine by Cindi MadsenMy Profile

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