[BOOK REVIEW] Until I Found You by Brooke O’Brien (Heart’s Compass #3)

The day after I finish reading this book, I sat down to write this review… Well, technically it isn’t the day after because it was way past midnight when I finished it, lol, so it’s basically the same ‘morning’. Because instead of putting the book aside and getting some sleep, – I had to do the mommy thing early in the morning so I actually really needed my sleep, oops hihi– I stayed up waaaaay past my bedtime to finish reading the book hihi.

The books in this series are interconnected, so you Can read this one as a standalone if you’ve not read book 1 and 2 in the series yet.. But book 1 and 2 in this series are so beautiful as well, so I’d definitely recommend reading them too! 

To be honest, I really didn’t know how and where to start when I started typing away. I felt so much while reading this book… It’s impossible to write down in words what Brooke has me feeling when reading one of her books, and this one was no exception. I always feel like I don’t do a book justice when I love it so much and want to tell people Why I love it so much haha.

But I’ll do my best, because when reading books like this one, I just NEED people to wanting to pick up the book right after they read my review hihi. I love recommending books I loved and this is a book I want you all to read and to hopefully fall in love with as much as I did.

Five years ago, Halle Keegan had consumed my whole world. Until one night when our lives changed forever. My existence was torn apart.

I’ve let my demons get the best of me, pushing away the people I love most to protect them. I swore I’d never come back home to Arbor Creek.

They say the truth will set you free.

When the truth is revealed, I’m forced to look my demons dead in the eye. I don’t deserve her or her forgiveness, but I’d give up my life if it meant keeping her safe.

This time around, she may be the only one who can save me.

Author’s Note: This is Book Three in the Heart’s Compass series. It can be read as a standalone and has a HEA. Due to strong sexual content, coarse language and mature subject matter, this book is not suitable for under the age of 18.

Let me start by saying this:

We’re usually not prepared for the moments that change our lives.
I didn’t see it coming the day Graham Shaw broke my heart,
shattering it into a million pieces.
I thought he was going to be in my life forever,
but it turns out forever came sooner than I had expected.

As far as second chance romances go, this is definitely one of my faves that I’ve read so far. As far as romance goes in general, this is Also one of my favorite reads so far! Brooke writes down just the right amount of romance, character developing, suspense and amazingly well written build ups.

Instead of focusing not only on the romance, there’s a really intriguing storyline going on in the background regarding Graham’s past. Things that are resurfacing now and are going to become really intense and maybe even dangerous. I really love the added suspense elements Brooke has added to several of her stories so far, including this one. It had me on the frigging edge of my seat the entire time.

“I’d give you my heart, beating in my chest, if it meant protecting yours.”

The characters in this book – well, lets be honest here: Every character Brooke has written so far actually – are just such a joy to read about – and that’s an understatement really. Not only are our main characters Halle & Graham so much fun to read about, but the supportive characters are also really amazing additions, as always, as well.

I love how well developed all of the characters in these books are. These friendships are so precious and the romances are to die for. I love how close of a bond they all form with one another and how they complement each other in the best of ways.

Ellie & Halle

“You don’t have to worry about that with me, Halle. If there is anyone who understands how you’re feeling, it’s me. You don’t have to pretend around me. Like I said, I’m here for you. You just let me know when you’re ready.”

Brooke’s characters are ones you want to get to know so badly when you get around to meet them. They make you wish you could dive right into this world and be a part of it all. They are characters you’ll fall in love with on the spot. Guaranteed.

I was so happy to see that not only we got to read Halle & Graham’s story, but that there were other happenings regarding the supportive characters being present – something about a Wedding, whoop whoop! I’m so so happy this was added to the story. I love it when you come across characters you fell in love with before, and seeing them support the leading characters in a new book.

18 year old Graham

Her smile, her laugh, and her snarky sense of humor.
She’s everything.
She pulls me out of the dark corners of my mind,
and I fucking love her for it.

Halle was everything I thought she’d be like. We met her as a supportive character in the first two books in the series and I liked her so so much then already. I was so excited to read more about her and I was so happy to find out that she’s just as amazing as the other characters we got to meet so far. This book starts with Halle signing along to a Bon Jovi song for example… That already did me in, lol. SHE’S MY PERSON!

She’s feisty when she needs to be, but she has her soft moments as well. She’s devoted, a pain in the ass sometimes, as Graham likes to mention *giggle*, and overall just so frigging lovable. I really felt for her, knowing how things ended with her and Graham in the past. And it can’t be easy seeing your friends fall in love and find their HEA and you’re falling behind. Still, she won’t let anything get her down and I love her for it.

I can’t deny the small part of me that feels my heart ache in my chest after seeing Graham today. Five year ago, I thought I found my forever. We were young but were so in love. The two of us together, I thought there was nothing in the world that could tear us apart. 
Moments like this, the memories come crashing over me in waves. I find myself doing what I’ve always done to bury the pain, I find ways of coping, distracting me from the way my hear aches with missing him.

Brooke’s female characters are the kind you really wish for them to be real, so you can be friends with them in real life. The kind you could describe as Perfect characters whom are still realistic you know? They have their flaws, but because of that actually, they’re just characters you can’t help but love and root for.

Because lets talk about this other lead character for example: Graham. Holy bfghbdfjghbdhjfg. Can I have a Graham, pretty please? With a cherry on top?!!!

He’s a character I fell for instantly, hard and by throwing caution to the wind because he had me feeling all the feels. He made me recklessly falling in love with him and I loved every second of it. He pushed all the right buttons with me and I couldn’t get enough. He’s a character who not only talks pretty and sexy, but who also Shows someone through actions how sorry he is about things and how much he wants things to change.

Even after all these years, time and distance hadn’t changed how I
felt or the reaction my body had to being near her.
All I could think about was pulling her in my arms
and never wanting to let her go. 

When it was quiet or I was alone in my thoughts,
she was all I could think about.

She was always my biggest distraction.

I love his determination and his devotion in everything he says and does. Not only towards Halle, but to his mother, his friends as well as to the situation regarding his past and what he has to handle about it in the present. It was devastating at times, reading his thoughts and struggles and that left my heart aching for him. I therefore love H&G’s romance even more so as well, because she’s so good for him and he for her.

I thought that after reading the books about Callum, Mason and Maverick (from the Tattered duet books) it just wasn’t possible for there to be a male lead that I’d end up loving even More so than the ones I already met. But I know now why Brooke told me this couple is her favorite… HALLE & GRAHAM are indeed perfection and I can only imagine how wonderful it must be, to being able to create these characters and such a beautiful romance. They bring so much Heart to this story. And I really have to stand by Brooke on this one; they definitely made it to the top of my favorite characters list.

“What are you doing here?” I ask,
at the same moment she says, “You’re here.”
I want to ask her to say something again,
simply plead with her to speak so I can hear her voice.
Let her words run through me like a balm to my battered heart, but I don’t.
I don’t deserve it, just like I don’t deserve to have her in my life.

I loved this second chance romance development so so much. Halle and Graham are both such perfectly developed characters and therefore their romance felt even more beautiful I think. I love characters who share a past and especially when the author is able to write it all down so palpable. There’s just the right amount of past written into the story to have you falling hard when these characters meet each other again after all those years.

I was rooting SO HARD AND SO INTENSELY for these two to get back together again. I really love the fact that Halle especially doesn’t hold a grudge even though Graham hurt her real bad. She does give him sh*t about it for a while though and kudos for her as well *we girls need to stick together, right?! haha

But I just love how understanding she is in all this because it’s a huge and important part of this romance development and in the end Graham did what he thought best – sorry, he just can’t do wrong in my opinion, lol. Their banter was so adorable and had me experiencing a high throughout it all. Experiencing this romance development, these two amazing characters trying to find their way back to each other, left me feeling so joyous. This was such a wonderful experience!

“You always were a pain in my ass,” he mutters to himself,
running a hand over his face and down over his jaw. 

“You used to love that about me,” I retort.
A smile curves at his lips. The mention of the past and what we used to be stings, like a zap to the heart. I had closed all roads to my heart where Graham was concerned a long time ago.
“Well listen, this little reunion has been fun and all,
but I have to get going. My friend is gonna be here any minute.
So, if you don’t mind telling me what the hell you’re doing here,
that’d be great. That way I can send you back on your way.”

The curve of Graham’s smile grows,
and I want to roll my eyes and demand him to leave.

“Mm, there’s the fire,” he smirks. 
I kid you not, the fucker has the gall to smirk at me. He always loved getting me riled up. I want to smack him upside the head, he makes me so angry.
“Tick tock. I don’t have all day.” 

This amazing reading experience wouldn’t have happened if not for the amazing writing being present. Brook is one hell of a talented author in my opinion. Her writing had me hooked right from the start, as always. It had me feeling so much throughout the entire story-line. Her words always trigger me in the best way possible. Reading a Brooke O’Brien book has me always feeling all the feels.

There’s this feeling I have of not wanting the book to end but at the same time, I also can’t wait to flip the next page to see what happens. And then there’s also the feeling of being utterly lost in the story-line in the best way possible, and of never wanting to resurface again <- if there’s a book I want to remain being lost in, it’s a romance story like this one.

All of the elements in this book were perfectly balanced out with one another. The writing is, like I already said, a-ma-zing, as always. Brook has such a beautiful way with words. She has me feeling so much while reading her stories. The way she writes down all of these amazing characters, their friendships and the romances we’ve read about so far; It’s all so frigging precious. Until I found You is thankfully no exception to being able to feel like this about a book: utter devotion and love.

We all have that one person our hearts
will always go running back to and, for me,
that person will always be Graham.
I only wish I were his reason to stay. 

Brooke exceeded my expectations… YET AGAIN! When I thought I couldn’t end up loving her characters even more so than I already did when reading book 1 and 2 in the series, she completely obliterated this thought and showed me I COULD fall even more in love with them.

Halle and Graham’s story has touched me so much and so deeply. Brooke’s words hit me right in the feels and wormed their way into my heart and soul yet again. I love it so much that this book was everything I was hoping it’d be and more… This is how you write a second chance romance. This is how you write ROMANCE and I just know for a fact already that this is going to be one of my best 2019 reads. Hands down.

Until I found her, I never knew what loving someone ment.

Safe to say that I recommend this book, huh? But really! If you love a heartfelt romance story, you need to get yourself aquatinted with this book and this author’s work in general.

I feel so very privileged of having gotten to know this author better over time, as well as feeling honored of having had the honors of reviewing all of her books so far. I am so very thankful for all of the opportunities you gave me Brooke, and of course, for your friendship in general! Thank you yet again for this arc and I am so happy to be sharing my review of it on my blog!

*I received an arc of this book in exchange for leaving an honest review. And this is a review I am so happy about sharing with you guys! There’s nothing better than to receive an arc and you end up loving the book so that you can recommend it to Everyone!


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