[BOOK REVIEW] Daughter of Death by Lexi C. Foss (Dark Provenance #1)

Actually, I think this is actually my Most favorite book by this author that I’ve read so far, which is saying something because everything she’s written and which I’ve read, have been fan-freaking-tastic reading experiences. But I seriously cannot stop gushing about this book. I love it SO MUCH! It’s been a while since I read the book, but I didn’t want to wait any longer with sharing my review of it. Here we go! 

A dead body.

A missing daughter.

A silver blade.

All the clues point to one person: Me.

My name is Evangeline, and I’m a retired assassin who wants nothing to do with the underworld. But an edict from a Demonic Lord forces me to return to the man and the life I left behind.

I have seven days to prove my innocence.

Whoever set me up is going to die.

Lexi took a bit of a darker path with this book, in comparison to her Immortal Curse PNR series, and I couldn’t be happier about that. Immortal Curse ended up on my fave list as well immediatley after I’ve finished the first book, but I really like seeing Lexi providing us with such different sets of PNR book series. It only shows what a talented author she really is, I think.

This was everything I could’ve wished for in a PNR book involving Angels of all kinds, Nephilim & Demons of all kinds. I am incredibly happy this book exists.

The world Lexi created is so immensely interesting.

I think her execution of writing about Heaven, Hell, Angels and Demons is so well done and I seriously just love Everything about it. I know for sure already that I won’t ever get enough of reading about this world and these characters.

This world, its inhabitants, the characters and their relationships aren’t black and white and I love that moral Grey line this book thrives on. There’s definitely Good and Evil present, sure, but I really love the darker parts of this world so much as well and seeing how these character thrive in it.

The set of characters is utterly magnificent.

I don’t think Lexi is able of writing a non interesting character but it’s still always exciting and scary at the same time to get aquatinted with new ones haha. But yeah… without problems, she had me sold on All of them yet again right from the start.

Our Heroine Evangeline and our Hero Xai are everything you could wish for when it comes to kickass main characters that know their way around in this sometimes brutal Paranormal world. They’re both descendants of Archangels – Evangeline is the Daughter of Death and Xai is the Son of Chaos – and therefore quite powerful.

“I hate how much I love you,”
I whispered, my hands curling into fists.
“I fucking hate it.”

Xai and Evangeline have quite the interesting history together. She Fell for him from Heaven and he denied her when she descended upon Earth and has been keeping her at an emotional distance ever since despite her efforts. But despite denying her, and her having given up on him at one point – at which her love for him transcended into more of a ‘I-hate-you-but-still-love-you-as-well-love’ – these two keep reconnecting throughout the years, because.they.just.can’t.stay.away.from.each.other. They balance on the edge of an amazingly written hate-love ‘relationship’ and this provides for the best banter and the most amazingly intense and smoking HOT scenes between the two. This romance was dark, intense, filled with suspense and angst from time to time, but so heartbreakingly beautiful at the same time as well.

The supportive characters in this book make me so so happy as well. The banter between them all and the forming friendships, the already existing friendships and even the ‘enemy’ relations between some of these characters are just amazing! I love the mix up of Demons and (Fallen) Angels together and at this point I just want MORE MORE MORE. More of this amazing world, these amazing characters and this amazing writing.

I can’t recommend this book enough to anyone who’s a fan of this genre. You should really get yourself aquatinted with this series and this author in general. *Throws Lexi’s books at YOU and then runs off, waiting for you to finish them and come tell me how much you fell in love with her writing as well so we can fangirl about it together. In my opinion, paranormal romance doesn’t get better than this! Go buy and read this book! 

Thank you for reading and keep scrolling if you want to read a little excerpt!



His fingers knotted in my ponytail as he yanked my head back to the angle he preferred.

Oh, I knew that look. Nothing good ever came from that look.

I flattened my palms against his bare chest, but he pushed right through my physical barrier and took my mouth with a ferocity that screamed possession. His tongue demanded entrance, and when I tried to fight him, he bit my lip hard enough to bleed. On my gasp, he entered and unleashed his desire in a kiss that deprived me of oxygen.

My knees threatened to buckle under his assault. He took my mouth the way he did my body, reminding me who we were to each other with a few bold strokes. I melted for him, as I always did.

God, I missed this.

I missed him.

I hated it. Loved it. Craved it…


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