[BOOK REVIEW] Blood Heart by Lexi C. Foss (Immortal Curse #3)

Book 1 in this series, Blood Laws, is one of the best first paranormal books in a series I’ve ever read. Book 2 was yet again an amazing read and I was so excited to read about Lizzie & Jay.

The expectations were HIGH for this one, is what I’m trying to say hihi. And let me tell you: Lexi delivered yet again!

I have a feeling this author isn’t able to disappoint me in any way. She has this amazing talent of hitting me right in the feels with her words, every single time <- I’m in awe and happy to add this author to my all-time favorite authors list! 

If you haven’t read book 1 and 2 yet, there might be minor spoilers in this review, although I’ve kept it quite superficial. It is recommended to read these books in order. For those new to the Immortal world, there’s a glossary of key terms and definitions to be found in each book so you Can read them separately then as well.

Asset File 4-7: Elizabeth Watkins
Genotype: Non-Human

That’s the only information Jayson Masters has about his newest assignment. To learn more, he’ll need to infiltrate her life in the most intimate of ways without getting too close.

Game on.

Lizzie’s new neighbor is loud, seductive, and ridiculously attractive. And he keeps flirting with her. With the recent death of a close friend hanging over her head, Lizzie tentatively agrees to a new friendship in hopes of ignoring her broken heart.

A web of lies isn’t sustainable forever.

And sometimes love isn’t enough.

An immortal war is brewing, and she’s the key…

The story-line and plot in this book is just extremely well done in my opinion. There are some really intense and impactful twists in this book, that had me teetering on the brink of sanity – the good kind you know. The kind when you start fingerling like crazy wether it’s about something good or awful that’s happening. This book is filled with angst, passion, suspense, action and a great presence of the most amazing characters, romances and friendships.

” You clearly don’t know me at all.”
There. That held a little bit more confidence.
Except he silenced that budding self-assurance with a predatory
smile- a king grinning at his chosen conquest.

“Oh, that is were you’re wrong.”
His gazed dropped to her mouth before sliding back up.
“Your body speaks to me on a level you don’t yet understand, 
but you will, and soon.”

To me, this was definitely the most emotional book yet in the series, that I’ve read so far. And I just love it so much; how Lexi is able to have me feeling all the feels when reading her stories. I was so hooked to Jay and Lizzie’s story right from the start and there was so much happening revolving them alone that made me so happy.

I love Lizzie’s feistiness but her naive and innocent side as well. And Jayson! He was just the right amount of pushy and dominant as well as soft and mellow. Loved him so so much! He’s definitely one of my fave characters now!

“Okay, buddy, just who do you think you are?”
“Jayson Masters,” he replied without missing a beat. “And you?”

She blinked, taken aback. This… this…man acted like no other
person she’d ever met. He was rude, arrogant, and pushy,
gave her one hell of a headache…
and was smiling at her with the most charming expression she’d ever seen. 

She shook her head again. “You need to go.”
“Why?” he asked. “Do you have plans for the evening?”
“Well, no, but-“
“Are you expecting someone?”
“No, but that’s-“
“Have you eaten?”
She frowned. “No, you interrupted me while
I was trying to find something to cook.”

“Then my timing is perfect. Dinner should be here in about”- he checked the clock over the stove -“twenty minutes, give or take.
Hopefully you like San Dinos. I’ve heard good things, but it’s my first time.”

And then there was also some focus on Stas and Issac as well, the characters we got introduced to in the first book, which was so intense, interesting and emotional too. There’s just so much development in this book and I couldn’t get enough of it. And whenever there’s a question that was answered, a new one popped to mind. These books keep me thinking and guessing and looking forward to what’s to come, with every new page I’m flipping.

The other supportive characters are yet again such a pleasure to read about and I can’t wait to continue reading this series and read more about them too. I came to love all of these characters so much, even the ones that have only been present as supportive characters so far. These characters are the reason I was crying, smiling, laughing out loud, cursing and swooning… They are so lovable and precious!

The romance in this one is yet again soul consuming and just the way I like it; perfect! The development is just so well written down. Lizzie & Jay have this insane chemistry right from the start and I love that insta-lust thing they had going on but that it isn’t insta-love. They build quite a beautiful friendship first, which I loved.

“Knowing you has changed me on an irrevocable level.
I thought my yearning for you was a passing infatuation,
just as the others who came before you were,
but the desire grew with each day until I couldn’t deny it anymore.
And so I broke the rules, and tasted you,
but, God, Liz, it wasn’t enough.”

The love part of their romance is so beautiful to follow when the story progresses because of the fact that they’ve build this friendship first but also had some great chemistry going on. There was a lot of room for their characters to develop and for their romance to develop before things got really intense and Lexi’s way of writing down these sexy AF romances is just phenomenal. I think she’s one of the best romance authors out there at this very moment.

This was a spectacular read yet again and it may even be my favorite in the series so far! I devoured every single page and if I’d had the time for it, I would’ve finished it in one sitting. Everything regarding the mystery solving revolving Lizzie was so interesting and well written down and I loved reading about her and Jayson and their romance as well. Their chemistry was so intense and their romance was beautifully developed.

I love the paranormal elements in this series a lot; the world building and the politics are so interesting. And as I said before, the romance was amazing and all elements are in perfect balance with one another I think.

The writing is, as always, addictive and enthralling. I’ve fallen hard for Lexi’s writing ever since reading her first book, Blood Laws, and I’m so happy she always delivers. She’s therefore already one of my all-time favorite (paranormal) romance authors to this date. Her Immortal Curse series is already in my top five alongside series written by Nalini Singh and Gena Showalter for example.

I really can’t recommend this series enough to every (paranormal) romance reader out there. Even if you aren’t a PNR fan, you can get totally lost in the world she has weaved.These books have an outstanding set of characters, they’re plot-driven books set in a really interesting world, intense and amazingly written romances and each and every single one of these books – that I’ve read so far – are ones you want to read in one sitting. Because once started, you really don’t want to stop reading! 

Thanks for reading!


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