[BOOK REVIEW – BLOGTOUR] Forward Progress by S.R. Grey (Men of Fall #1)

Today’s RELEASE DAY for Forward Progress so that means it’s my turn to share my review on the book since I’m a participant in this amazing blog tour.

I discovered S.R. Grey’s books a couple of years ago when I came across Destiny on Ice, the first book in the Boys of Winter series, and I was immediately Hooked on this author’s writing. I devoured every single book I’ve read by her since.

I was looking forward so much to reading Forward Progress ever since the author announced there was going to be some sort of spin-off series of Boys of Winter. And this time it would be a sports romance series revolving football players, so that’s just awesome I think. Add in the fact that it’s set in the same world as the Boys of Winter books that I’ve come to love so much and knowing S.R. Grey’s writing is just plain-right addicted, being excited when finding out I’d be a part of this blog tour was an understatement hihi..

So, what did I think of this first book in a new sports romance series? Let me tell you!

Meet Graham Tettersaw, former star quarterback. He blew his first shot at success, but now he has a second chance at playing football . . . and at having a life.

Graham’s not about to squander this new opportunity with a rising team. No way. They’re about to make his dreams come true, even If they did just add a weird clause that he’s supposed to pretend some random chick is his girlfriend.


Teams can be weird about stuff. But Graham can play along. After all, it’s all about forward progress.

In football, getting the ball down the field and scoring is goal number one. Life isn’t all that much different. That’s why Graham is hoping to do some scoring of his own off the field. Especially when he finds out the pretend girlfriend the team has picked out for him, Eden Vetterly, is beyond hot.

But it’s not all about sex.

Graham really likes Eden.

And she likes him too—a lot.

Too bad the team just changed all the rules.

Forward Progress is the first book in the new Men of Fall football rom-com series, where football meets romance.

I am a sucker for fake-relationship-romances and the set up of this one is really nice I think. Girl needs money fast so she can pay for her brother’s education and boy gets pushed into a fake relationship to give his ego a boost, after having a bit of a troubled past, when he starts playing for a new football club. A contract he can’t pass on since he Needs it.

Neither of them was prepared for the reality when meeting one another for the first time; that they’d be insanely attracted to one another right of the bat. And that aside from that physical chemistry and attraction, they find themselves falling for each other really fast as well when they need to live together and therefore spend more time together.

Soon this fake relationship turns into a real one – which I can totally understand because both Graham and Eden are such amazing characters! – but then the problems start popping up for them when management wants them to break up, as was agreed upon in the contract that this would happen at one point or another. Both signed contracts that they’re legally are bound to so they have no choice but to play along with management even if they don’t want to. How are they going to get out of this mess?

When this is all over, will I even know who I am?
Will I recognize myself in the end?
Shit, how will I not fall for Graham Tettersaw?

Graham and Eden are both really lovable characters I think. Not only looking at their own characters but also how they are when they’re in a relationship together.

Eden comes across as someone that could’ve easily be a good friend of mine and I love reading about characters like Eden. She’s sweet and funny and caring. She’s being dealt some bad cards in life so far; her mother running out on them and her father having died some years ago, leaving her and her brother alone. She’s been taking care of her little brother for years and somehow life hasn’t knocked her down yet. I love how overall positive she remains when life throws rocks her way. Her relationship with her little brother was such a joy to read about as well I think. He was a really great minor-character-addition!

And then there’s Graham. I can’t stop swooning over him! We know he’s had some rough years as well, with being hooked on painkillers in the past. He’s overcome that, and then succeeded in things that he wanted to accomplish in the past and now he’s determined to succeed in his next goals in life; become a professional football player again. And I loved that determination of his so much, especially when he eventually is in a relationship with Eden. His devotion to both her and Eden’s little brother is just frigging beautiful to experience. This guy… Gosh, he’s just so perfect really haha! He’s attentive, sexy AF, funny and really caring as well. O, and did I mention sexy AF?! Hot damn… Just everything Graham does shows what a great guy he really is. I don’t think there’s anyone out there who won’t fall for this guy!

Life is like Football;
It’s all about forward progress.
And that’s where I want to go with Eden.

There’s a lot to be said about this romance as well I think. I really enjoyed reading about the romance development between these two characters. It was intense, romantic, beautiful but sometimes maybe a bit fast as well? But then again, on the other hand, when looking at my own experience with love for example and how I met my husband; Things with us went quite fast for example and now we’re married for almost 9 years already. When it ‘clicks’ it clicks, right? I can understand that when two people are such a good match, like Graham and Eden definitely are, it just feels natural to give into things fast, especially when you’re pressured into living together and spending a lot of time together as well. When you both align as good as Graham and Eden do right from the start, there’s just no escaping a quick romance development. And they’re both adults, so why not act upon it? Exactly! Graham and Eden prove that instant attraction works in a book. Well, Grey actually makes it work of course, because she created these lovable characters and has a beautiful way with words that has me hooked every single time.

Them denying their attraction for one another at first though, was really fun to read. Them checking each other out when thinking no one’s watching… things like that, brought a huge smile to my face. These two are just so cute together! And I love love love how attentive, determined and confident Graham and Eden both are as soon as they decide to give their relationship a GO and that’s a huge part I think of why this romance works so well because Graham and Eden are just like a well oiled machine right from the bat. A match made in heaven I could say. And sometimes this can be a bit cliché but I loved these two characters so much; they really pulled it off thanks to Grey’s writing. There’s more than enough chemistry, steamy and attraction going on between them as well and if you’re familiar with Grey’s books you know you can look forward to this because her steamy elements in books never disappoint. Grey’s a master when it comes to making me feel all the feels and she mastered it this time around as well.

This is a perfect book to pick up when you’re into romance, when you also like sports elements – but even if you don’t it’s still a book I’d recommend because the focus isn’t on the sports that much -, such lovable characters and addictive writing. SR Grey’s writing never disappoints and this first book in her new sports romance series showed me yet again how amazing her writing is and she had me hooked to this story right from the bat.

I finished it in one-sitting, so that says it all I guess? haha. I couldn’t stop reading. It was enthralling and fast-paced and I just HAD TO FINISH this book before going to bed. I couldn’t just Not finish it and I love it when a book has an effect on me like that; Of me not being able to put it away and finish it another time, but that I just have to continue reading until I’m done.

So, yeah… a definite RECOMMENDATION from me when it comes to this sports romance, the first in a new series by an author that has made it to my favorites list when I first came across her Boys of Winter books some years ago. A perfect fluffy, steamy and romantic book you can pick up ANY time! Thanks for reading my review and I’m really hoping you’re going to give this author a go! You won’t be disappointed!


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