[BOOK REVIEW] Beloved by Corinne Michaels (Salvation #1)

It’s been a while since I first read Beloved -> February 2018 <- but this book is one of those that remains close to my heart. This book provided me with such a beautiful reading experience that it’s one that I won’t forget.

I wrote a review for it back on my old blog and also posted it to my Goodreads page. I feel like talking about this book yet again, so I thought it’d be a good idea to post my review on this book on Melissa’s fandom world as well. Something I can tell you up front: If you’re into contemporary romance, this is a MUST-READ!

Men suck.

They break you. Leave you. Take everything until there’s nothing left. And frankly, I’m done allowing them to make me feel insignificant. So, forget men. I’ll just throw myself into my job, because at least that never fails me.

Jackson has other plans, though. I refuse to be impressed by his perfect body, the cute dimple on his cheek, or the rugged stubble on his face. Jackson Cole can be resisted.

But, I’m only fooling myself.

He’s going to wear me down. I can feel it.
In the end he’ll prove that once again, I’m no one’s beloved.

I devoured this book and loved every second of it. From start to finish; I. JUST. COULDN’T. STOP. READING. And that ending?! Omg, my poor heart is still recovering from it, almost 1 year later.

So, there was no doubt whatsoever in me purchasing book 2, beholden, right after finishing Beloved. So you can guess what I did after finishing my review of Beloved? *looking smug

This was my first Corinne Michaels book and I fell in love hard with her writing. She writes by adding so much emotion to her words. It all felt so palpable and it reeled me in, right away. I fell so hard for Jackson and Catherine’s story. They are amazing main characters! And the addition of Catherine’s best friend, Ashton, was really great as well I think – I love it so much when the minor characters are just as fun and addictive to read about as the main characters.

There are also some military elements present, which I really loved as well. There’s some awesome humor being thrown our way every now and then and then there’s the fun banter between Catherine and Jackson. This all had me hooked!

“I told you I’ll always find you, but you have to want to be found.
Let me find you, Catherine.”

Okay, so some elements are definitely quite a cliché regarding the story-line; Catherine’s fiancé cheated on her and she had a troublesome past in which her daddy left – hello daddy issues – and she feels like she’ll never be good enough for anyone.

And then fate plays a cruel trick on her by bringing her together with that hot guy she met in a restaurant – well met; she fell quite literally in his lap, lol -, whom she never thought she’d see again. But alas; he’s her new client now, and their sexual attraction is off the freaking charts hot. He’s determined to attach himself to her and then the ball gets rollin’ from there hehe.

Will Catherine be able to overcome her fears and open up to Jackson? Right from the first time I met Jackson, I couldn’t stop flipping the pages fast enough. I CONSTANTLY NEEDED MORE, MORE, MORE. And MORE is definitely what I got… damn! When you get to know more about Jackson, you fall just as hard as Catherine does for this man. He’s everything you could want in a man and despite that often being ‘too’ fictional, Jackson really feels like such a realistic character I think.

“Sometimes the heart and mind don’t work together,
but a child is never to blame for the errors of the parent.
We all make mistakes, but forgiveness sets the soul free.”

And Catherine was really likable as well. I felt bad for her when she finds out about her fiancé, but DAYUM does Jackson’s presence make up for it all haha. Catherine’s POV was amazingly well written I think and she felt like a reliable narrator and I could identify myself with her thoughts really well.

I  loved the banter between Catherine and Jackson so so much. Their off the charts attraction was something I couldn’t get enough of either. But most of all; their emotional development throughout the book was wat reeled me in. It was so beautifully written down.

Like I said; the writing is so good so that made up for the cliché parts of the storyline I guess, because the clichés that are present didn’t bother me in the least – obviously, since I gave it a 5 star rating on Goodreads haha.

I kind of really liked the story-line and how the author wrote it all down. This author’s amazing writing reeled me in right away and makes for a fantastic reading experience. And I remember so well, when finishing this book that I was so completely taken with all. My heart was beating out of my chest and I was so full of FEELS!

I am so frigging excited to get my hands on the next three books in the series and to read them. The synopsis of book 3 looks so good as well and I’m so ready to start reading the story of a new couple since it’s been a while now since I’ve read the first two Salvation books by this author. Catherine and Jackson are the ones with whom it all started; me getting aquatinted with Corinne Michaels so I’ll forever treasure their story for that fact alone. I have a feeling this author is going to easily end up in my top 10, and maybe even my top 5 favorite romance authors list! 

If you like…

  •  two freaking lovable and well developed main characters and likable minor characters
  • humorI had to laugh out loud a couple of times because there’s seriously such sweet, honest and funny humor in this book and I LOVED it
  • a well developed emotional relationship between the love interests aside from off the charts sexual attraction
  • amazingly written sexy scenes
  • some military elements
  • and just awesome writing in general

… then you really need to buy this book now and start reading it! I promise you won’t regret it!

buy book 2 up front, because when you finish this book,
YOU’RE IN NEED OF BOOK 2 right away haha. 


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