I came across an article over at the Bibliophagist called the ABC book challenge. In this article she mentions her 5-star reads starting with a certain letter – you follow the alphabet from A-Z – and also books on the tbr starting with that specific letter. I think it’s a really fun way to showcase my favorite read books and also take a closer look at the books on my tbr.

I’ve decided to particularly look into my 4 and 5-star reads of 2018, since they’re my most recent reads.

abc bookchallenge

I’m definitely not disappointed by finding 4 books that I’ve read in 2018 with the letter K that are at least 4 star reads. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of these 4 books so so much and some of them are now on my all-time favorite list! Let me tell you a bit more about them!


Everything was in perfect balance with one another; story-line and it’s progression, characters, and their development, the romance, it’s development and the SEXY scenes; I gobbled it all up. LOVED it, just LOVED it! So yeah, I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone who’s looking for a great romantic and sexy read with some really great story-line and character development. This book is unputdownable and I dare you to find out for yourself what you think about it by reading it ASAP.

This book was everything I’d hoped it to be and more.
It was such a beautiful homage to the amazing characters in particular that we got to meet in every book and follow throughout the entire series.
Sarah wrote a final installment that does this series proud.

Keep Her Safe is another page-turner by one of my fave contemporary romance authors. It has just the right amount of romance and mystery to keep you invested, engaged, and guessing until the very last page. It had me hooked and I hope it’ll have you hooked as well if you’re going to read it <- highly recommend it to anyone who loves reading romantic suspense! 

A addictive and fast-paced cowboy romance that has you swooning in no time. I especially love that the books in this trilogy are low on the angst in comparison to a lot of other romance books I’ve already read.
It’s fast-paced and so frigging enjoyable! I Highly recommend it to any romance reader out there.


I’ve already made a start with Killing Keiko last year but still need to finish it. Its that kind of book, I always take forever with to finish haha.
I always read bits and pieces somewhere in between.

This is one that’s been on my wishlist ever since I started reading this author last year. I bought it earlier this month through Amazon and received it a couple of days ago. Its way thinner than I expected so this is one I’ll easily be able to read as an in between book. 

This one has been on my shelves for a while now. It’s one I’m still really curious and excited about. It’s romance combined with some steampunk elements, set in London <- my fave city setting.
I hope I get around to read it sometime this year.

  • King Slayer by Virginia Boecker (the Witch Hunter #2)

I still need to read book 1, so it’ll probably be a while before I get around to read this one haha. I bought this one and the first book on one of my London trips over the years. Thought it looked really interesting at the time, but somehow I still haven’t gotten around to start reading it, yikes. 

I’m planning on giving this series another go – I dnf’ed book 2 but want to do a re-read. And then hopefully, I’ll get around to read this one sometime this year.

  • Knife by R.J. Anderson (Faery Rebels #1)

I bought this book and the other 2 in the trilogy some years ago in London. I’ve really liked reading books about fae and faeries and this one looked so interesting. Still, I haven’t gotten around to read it yet haha. I have to be in the right kind of mood, you know? So, hopefully this year! 

This is one that caught my eye when I was looking for more epic/high fantasy reads. I really like the synopsis of it and hope I get around to read it this year.

This ABC challenge was a good one I think. Some great 4/5 stars I could talk a bit about and I’m really excited about the ‘K’ books on my tbr. Have you read any of the books mentioned in the article? Love to hear what you thought of it/them. Thanks for reading!



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