I came across an article over at the Bibliophagist called the ABC book challenge. In this article she mentions her 5-star reads starting with a certain letter – you follow the alphabet from A-Z – and also books on the tbr starting with that specific letter. It sounds like a really fun way to showcase my favorite read books and also take a closer look at the books on my tbr.

I’ve decided to only look at my 2018 reads when talking about my 5-star reads unless there aren’t any 5 stars read to be found when it comes to a certain letter. Then I’ll highlight some of my 4 and 4.5-star reads. With 195 books I’ve read so far this year and well over 200 unread books on my shelves, there’ll definitely be enough to show you guys!

abc bookchallenge



abc bookchallenge

Have you read any of these books? Love to hear what you thought of them! Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.

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    1. MelissasFandomWorld

      Thank you! Can’t take credit though hahaha came across this article over at another blog – link’s above. I keep hearing such great things about the raven cycle series. I reaaaally need to start reading it, soon!

    1. MelissasFandomWorld

      Thank you! I’m planning to do the whole alphabet indeed 🙂 I’ve only just started so it’ll be a while until I’m finished but that’s okay. That way, I have an article I can publish on a weekly base, which I love. I’m publishing 1 article each week so it’ll be another 24 weeks now of me publishing ABC book challenge. Feel free to join!

    1. MelissasFandomWorld

      It really is, feel free to join! And I’ve indeed read a lot! I think it’s partly because I haven’t blogged from the beginning of January until mid October. There was some more time available to read then haha.

  1. The Coloring Book Nook

    I haven’t read any of them but I have the Beautiful series and I have Bad For You on my tbr.

    1. MelissasFandomWorld

      Ooh, I’m curious to see what you’ll think of them! I still need to read a couple more books in the Beautiful series. Bad for you was soo good I think. I really liked that trilogy in general a lot <3 Hope you’re going to love them as well!

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